Freeway X Levi Celerio 2012

I was normally browsing through my Facebook feed today and stumbled upon some beautifully-designed clothes. I thought to myself that they were probably from some online shops I follow abroad since all I saw were the tiny thumbnails. Imagine my surprise when upon clicking on one of the pictures, I found out that they were from Freeway! Awesome!

I was so silly not to remember that Freeway has been partnering with National Artists for their fashion lines. They featured Vicente Manansala’s works last year, and this year, they have Levi Celerio, a National Artist for Music. I’m sure you’re familiar with him as he is well-known as the Guiness record-holder for being the only person to make music using a leaf! Galing!

Freeway’s Levi Celerio line is not just nationalistic. It’s modern, beautiful, and exquisite. I don’t remember seeing clothes similar to those that they have! To add to that, words and lyrics from Levi’s famous songs like Sa Ugoy ng Duyan, Saan Ka Man Naroroon, and Ang Pipit and O Maliwanag na Buwan are printed on the clothes and accessories. Talk about “immortalizing” music!

Without further ado, these are some of the clothes in their line that I fell in love with:

So pretty!!! The design is so artsy fartsy!

Sa Ugoy ng Duyan is love!

This piece reminds me of my childhood dream to explore outer space!

I long to wear this when I go abroad! Very Pinoy yet world class!

If there is only ONE item in this whole collection that I can have, I’d pick this! It’s so me! It’s as if this was made for my blog! It will feel as if I’m making melodies if I do wear this! (Get it? :p)

The exquisite details of this top are killing me in a good way. I need to wear this to the office!

I can already imagine the scene. Me walking in the streets of Paris wearing this dress. People staring at my dress (not me) with their jaws dropped on the floor. Bwahaha!

I have a habit of folding my sleeves when I wear long-sleeved button downs. I’m sure I won’t do that when I wear this. Look at those details you’d want to show off!

If, like me, you are aching to get your hands on any of these lovely items from the Freeway X Levi Celerio collection, drop by your nearest Freeway store now! :)

You can contact Freeway via these methods:

Facebook: Freeway
Twitter: Freeway
Website: Freeway

All the pictures used in this post are from Freeway’s FB page.


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