The Queen of Lazy Dressing

I declare myself to be queen of lazy dressing as I almost always dress up in the most comfy outfit I can find. And yes, it almost always makes me look like I’m wearing clothes for lounging. Bwahaha!

I used to think that comfort > fashion. When I “grew up” though and got into the corporate world, I realized that both are equally important. We should put on clothes that won’t make it awkward for us to move, walk, sit down, and exist. On the other hand, we should also put on clothes that will show how approachable, respectable, and pleasant we are. A promotion, a new friend, a possible life partner, or a great opportunity might be on the line because of what others see.

Enough of my random ramblings, though. This is a late OOTD post but here’s my take on lazy dressing. I really had to dress it down as I wore this for our church event that would require lots of walking, thinking, talking, and sweating. I chose to wear a bright color though as I learned from my Fil12 prof that the color pink draws people in.

If we were in 2008 and we had the same event, you’d probably see me in pambahay shorts, a big & almost-pantulog shirt, and not-matching slippers. I’m glad that I’m done with that stage :) Hehe!

Sleeveless button-down from H&M, black skinny slacks from somewhere I forgot basta sa SM Dept Store, belt from the States, owl necklace from Bro Joel as a gift, Old Navy slippers


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