Top Five Things I Like About Zalora

I just made my first Zalora purchase and I must say that it gave me the best online shopping experience ever!

I got so inspired that I decided to write down the top five things that I like about Zalora:

5) The great plethora of items you can find & buy from Zalora

There are gazillions (not really, I exaggerate but you get the point) of items you can buy via Zalora. They have clothing, accessories, sports-related items, and stuff for the home. It literally is a one-stop shop for almost everything that you need since they host more than 100 brands! Zalora, to me, is like an online department store, and that is just so awesome and convenient.

4) Their easy-to-use website

As a frustrated blogger/graphic designer, I have a penchant for websites that are easy on the eyes. Zalora’s website is so straight-forward that I can probably let me my mom navigate on her own. I like how everything in the site has a point, as some websites have all these distracting links and images that just turn people off and stop them from making a purchase. This just goes to show that the website was well-thought-of by great minds.

3)  AWESOME customer service

I had a mishap with one of the discount vouchers for Zalora and I mentioned them in a tweet to subtly inform them about it. They were quick to tweet back with a number that I can call if I need help. Being the phone-mahiyain person that I am, I was stubborn and chose to raise my concern via their “Need Assistance” feature (which is easy to use and prominent in the site). I got an email 4 hours later, and that is already fast for me considering the average response time even for people I email at work. The “Zalora expert” was also nice and friendly, and even offered to place the order for me. THAT is customer service.

2) Their delivery time which is faster that the speed of light! Haha!

I placed my order at 2:54 am on Sunday, and got a call from Zalora confirming my order at about 11:00 am. I received my order at home by ~3:00 pm. I got my order within 2 days upon placing it on the site! I love how quick that was as I don’t like having to wait for packages and having to stay home all the time ’cause you don’t know when the mailman would decide to pass by.

1) 3 words: CASH ON DELIVERY.

The best thing EVER about Zalora is how they have a COD option for Metro Manila customers. I’m not a fan of going to the bank to deposit money, then having to scan my deposit slip to send it to the vendor. And no, I don’t have a credit card either, and I am not comfy with sharing my mom’s credit card details whenever I borrow it. I love how Zalora made the choice to stand out (and trust the goodness and honesty of people in the Philippines) by having this payment option. Kudos!

Go make your own Zalora purchase now and share your Zalora story with me by commenting below! :)


12 thoughts on “Top Five Things I Like About Zalora

  1. Mariana Heydl says:

    Zalora is awesome. I have made a lot of purchases from Zalora the past year and will continue to do so. There has never been a glitch and items can be returned with no problem.
    If one takes time to choose the sizes and color carefully and check out the items from all angles prior to buying, chances are you will get what you ordered. I always did.
    Perfect fit, happy customer! 10/10.

  2. Zalorasuc says:

    I’m sorry but I will like to differ on the rating of Zalora! I will give it a 0/10 review! The experience is bad beyond description! First purchase was not confirmed and did not appear in My Orders list, so I repeated the purchase of the same items the next day. The 2nd purchase was delivered in 1 weeks time and guess what the 1st purchase was delivered 2 weeks after my 2nd order arrived!! So I have 2 sets of the same item!!! And when i checked my account, he 1st order was still no reflected there but $80 was charged to my card! When I called the customer service, the only replies I get is “sorry, the items have been charged and cannot be refunded. We understand your agony but there’s nothing we can do. We will give you a 15% off the next purchase” the next purchase???? This will be my first and only purchase!!! They have no business ethics!

    • iris tan says:

      i completely agree with u, my shopping experience at zalora is hell-like, they send the wrong size shoes then i return & after that they send the right item to me but when i open up the box, guess what? i saw only a shoe instead of a pair of shoes, it really left me speechless. my advice: never ever shop at zalora.

      • denise fernandez says:

        let’s get our fingers crossed so that zalora business will get down the drain soon. i’m sorry zalora but you really need to buck up your service.

  3. Kay says:

    RAVING (not ranting) for zalora as well, great customer service. I did not get my orders as fast as yours though. :)

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