Good Times, For A Change

(Apologies, in advance, for the horrible photos. Forgot to bring my camera!)

Today, I got the opportunity to go out with the *boyfriends* again, after our very very productive NCD Programs meeting. I was on the verge of not making it ’cause I was so tired from the week’s craziness but I figured that being with the gang could provide some rest and relaxation.

I miss riding the trike to go to Ateneo!

I met up with the boys at McDo (so old school!) and we headed to Eton Centris. It was my first time to be there and I thought Centris Station was already their “main attraction”. Apparently, it wasn’t. We crossed the street to go to Centris Walk, which is a very very promising hangout place that reminds me of Nuvali, ATC, and Eastwood City Walk. We went straight to Lazer Maxx, which was our main goal for the day. We took some photos while waiting for Drizzle to handle our matters.

The queue was quite long and we found out that we were still fifth in line. We thus decided to grab some dinner first, and roam around the place. Let me just say that…I love Centris Walk! I think I have found one place in the North that I would come back to. Cool structures, cool vibe. I love it.

We settled for Uncle Cheffy’s probably because it was in the best spot to get customers. Oh, and because it was near the mini stage in the middle of Centris Walk where there was going to be an acoustic performance. We had half of the Seafood Lovers and half of the Uncle Cheffy Favorites panizza and a junior serving of beef medallion “steak Tagalog”. I bet we were all really hungry ’cause the food was gone in 15 minutes.

After chilling for a bit to appreciate the music, we headed for the laser tag game, which was a little awkward ’cause there were 4 teams inside the arena, we totaled to almost 30 people, and we had NO bases. Anyway, enough about that. We left Centris Walk immediately after to head to Eastwood for our 2nd round of dinner (haha!) and for dessert. I just had to take a pic of the boys in the parking lot for memories’ sake!

They had meals at McDonald’s Eastwood Mall, while I drank Happy Lemon, and we discussed about hilarious things in life thanks to pranks posted online and ads from years ago.

I love the block boys. It ALWAYS is nice to be with them, no matter what activity.

And, here’s what I wore during our fun and clean night out!

Sheer Peter Pan-collared top from a stall @ Graceland, tank top from Forever 21, shorts, strappy sandals from Rusty Lopez, owl necklace, bangles, bag from The Sak

Cross ring borrowed from Muning!

Fave pair of lounging footwear! Sorry for the chipped toenail, and the wound ;) Hehe!



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