Have Your Way (Featuring: Firmoo Glasses)

Friday was a great day! Despite the workload due to our client’s fiscal year end, which causes a LOT of corporate craziness, we’re still standing by God’s grace! And, day by day, I realize even more how blessed I am with the people surrounding me. It’s pretty awesome how God has given my life a breath of fresh air, especially if you backtrack how my life was one or two years ago.

Oh, and I’m actually still working right now. (Woohoo FYE!) Compared to how stressed out and sad I was in the past 2 FYEs, today’s definitely better. It really helps to have a different perspective from that of the world. I posted this photo from Tumblr which says:

The world says: “Work hard to get ahead.” Jesus says: “Work hard to show the world who you are really working for.”

And that is just so true. I’ve always said that my vigor and energy for work comes from the fact that I know God is my real Master. But, I just recently realized that my attitude towards my workload also reflects how much I trust God. Meki now has less worrying when it comes to work, and I can attest that this brought me more joy and peace as I know that God will take care of my burdens as it says in Romans 8:28 that:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

The message during FNL (Friday Night Light) also tackled on letting God have His way in our lives. That topic is something I always struggle with ’cause I love being in control of things, but yeah. Just like Moses, I guess it really is time to give up the “certainty” of earthly rewards and trust God for something greater! Exciting!


I had another awesome blessing this week as I got a package from Firmoo! They sent me these lovely glasses for free to review. Pretty cool, huh?

I was so glad that there was some sun last Friday. I had a reason to wear them! You’ve probably seen me wear round sunglasses before but I love Firmoo‘s better because they fit my face JUST RIGHT as the frame of the glasses aren’t too big nor too small. Another thing I love about this pair is that it’s sturdy. A lesson I’ve learned from buying sunglasses is that fragile frames are NOT worth it. Your sunglasses will just fall apart in no time, especially when squished inside your bag. Thankfully, Firmoo sent a cool case with the sunglasses too for extra safety! ;)

If you want to get this pair and a WHOLE BUNCH of other prescription glasses, sunglasses, bifocals, just visit Firmoo’s website and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with a pair or two. They also have free shipping worldwide if you buy two pairs or more! ;)

Because I had great glasses to wear, I also figured that I could dress up a little for casual Friday, so here’s what I wore to the office and to FNL:

Sheer top from the Eastwood Bazaar (sorry, it’s gusot na), inner tank top from Forever 21, Jeans from Pazzo, Kitten heeled/peep toe shoes from Payless

Sunglasses from Firmoo! :)

Necklace with awesome details from Pink Tequila c/o Zalora

My favorite ring hehehe from my sister, bangles from the Eastwood Bazaar

I’m thankful for ihaving quirky team area-mates. Haha! I love my fwond Kian for succumbing to my request to have my photos taken. And, thanks to Moochie for the camera, too!


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