The Month That Was: A Review of May and June 2012

This Month’s Goals:


I am still able to have constant prayer and devotion and I’m still able to follow my Bible Reading Plan c/o OSL :) Well, except for a few days in June when I struggled with being too busy not just because of work but also because of horrible priorities. (Sorry, Lord!) My days are still filled with flash prayers, though. As I have mentioned in previous months, talking to God is like talking to a friend :)

Ministry life is a little busy since the NCD Programs team got bigger and our responsibilities become bigger! Haha! :) We’re now 7 people in the team, and I love how we all get along. It really helps to have awesome people with you in the ministry. I thank God for blessing me with my teammates!

We had the Summer Fiesta series @ Rodriguez, too. Another awesome experience to witness God’s greatness! When we got there, the power was out and it was raining big cats and big dogs. But, God is great! People still joined the event and a lot of people accepted Christ! And just when we bought a generator (on-the-spot hahaha!), the lights went back on! God is awesome!!!

Oh, and we also had another THE WITNESS run too! It was another opportunity to witness God’s favor. It was again raining hard during the concert date itself, but people actually came! Awesome! The team even shared that they felt like they lacked energy, but even I myself was moved. It really is different when the Holy Spirit moves!

The Care Circle program is still ongoing. And, I am loving my group EVEN MORE! Our meet-ups this May and June were AWESOME!!!

  • First meet up was at Coy’s house — Good food and good stories!
  • Second meet up was at Kelvin’s place — It was so hilarious! :))
  • Third meet up was at OJ’s with Tita Jo’s small group — This is when we realized that we’re too madaldal. Hahaha!
  • Fourth meet up was at Firuz — Another awesome time!
  • Fifth meet up was at Ate Rod’s place — Almost complete!!!! Best time ever!
  • Sixth meet up was at Precious Moments — Cool times. We are slowly and surely moving to the conforming stage. Yey!
  • Seventh meet up was at Graceland — It was almost not going to push through, but it did!
  • Eighth meet up was at Graceland — Only a few were able to go so we merged with Muning’s small group :)

The Catch-Up crew hasn’t been able to meet-up regularly this month due to our very busy schedule. The Mayo group has been able to get together twice or thrice though :) And God has been answering our prayers! Kuya Dennis is now a licensed architect, Babeng has a job now, and Kuya Ryan has been delivered! Praise God for His greatness!

As for my regular meet up with Camcam, we’ve been having some schedule troubles but we still do meet up when we get the chance :) And, recently, we just had a date in Cubao over Gong Cha and books! Haha! It’s so nice to have a girl friend–and a godly one at that ;)

Our Connect & Grow group is also a testimony of God’s greatness. Goal for May was to have more people, and goal for June was to bring some of them to church. Both happened, and I even forgot that those were the goals until I checked my goal sheet today. We now have 10 folks in our group and we just started our Bible Study path. It’s so awesome how God has been working in us! Angel and Moochie now attend CCF Makati and are actively involved in the ministry of FNL! Haaaay, I just want to cry with joy for this group! Praise God!

As I am human, I am still imperfect but I have a PERFECT God! I am glad to say that the fifth and sixth months of the year have been about being tested and overcoming! So apt that my song for the fourth month was “Moving Forward” ;)

I’m still not stopping anytime soon. July will be a more fruitful and blessed month, by God’s grace.


I still spend more time with the family now, and being close to them has become VERY normal ;) I love how we’re all grown-up now, if you know what I mean. Ahh, I just love being with them! I always thank God for the family He has given me! I love how the chikitings and I can be very makulit together, and I think they love how I sorta spoil them :p

The extended family is still awesome. The moment that stood out for me was the last Sunday get-together. It was hilarious! We just kept on laughing! Nothing beats being with the Oyco gang!


Guess who had NO health goals this May and June? ME. (Well, not actually. I had goals but I had to scrap them off.) Given my activities, I could not stick to a diet this month. However, I get enough sleep even though I hit the sack late. Pretty cool. But, I discovered that I have tonsil stones (they’re gross) and I need to get this fixed soon.


I have a LONG list of things I want to learn. For May and June though, I just wanted to read (and finish) a book, again. One thing to learn this month is because I know how busy my schedule would be. Anyway, I was able to finish “Walking with the King” and “Prayer of Jabez for Teens” last May. I finished majority of “God is Relevant” during the course of May and June, but I promise to wrap it up today! It’s a sorta difficult read but I’m learning a lot ;)

And, what’s great is that I actually have MORE BOOKS TO READ! BWAHAHAHAHA! I can’t wait to end this blog post and start reading!

I still take every opportunity and circumstance as a chance to learn. I’ve been learning a lot regarding work, my initiatives, adulthood, relationships, finances, and almost every other category you can imagine. I thank God for blessing me with wonderful people and wonderful opportunities that I always learn from.

Financial (Giving)

I am challenging myself to give a grace gift every month, and I am sharing not to brag but to hold myself accountable. May’s recipient was…Empot. She went to SKC Camp and I volunteered to finance her trip. Mehehe. June’s recipient was…a godson of mine. I had the opportunity to share some amount for his school needs. Yey! He’s a big boy now!

Oh, and I had a kiddie date with Josh and Zyrkx to watch Avengers and eat at Jollibee! Hehe!

I still have my ongoing private project which I have shared to only 2 or 3 people + the NCD core team. The gist is that I’m saving up money for something for some people. Bwahaha! Surprise na lang. And, clue: not family-related. I think I already know what I want to give, ’cause I just saw today that the other thing I was thinking of just got installed at the _____________.

Tithes and t’rumah are still a regular automatic deduction from any amount that passes through my hands and bank account. The good thing is that God is faithful to give it back to us tenfold! :)

Financial (Saving)

No goals related to this category this month ’cause I have a lot to spend this quarter T_T


No goals this month! I need to replenish my travel fund.


I was able to meet up with some of my Portal peeps last June via a quick dinner @ Little Asia! :) I miss them all so much and it’s sad that some of them have left or are leaving :( I’m still excited for our reunion in July though! Woohoo!

I also wanted to be able to meet up with my blockmates and we got to do that thanks to (1) Enchanted Kingdom, (2) Qizia dinner, and (3) Laser Tag! I love my block boyfriends forever!

(Pic from Driz)

I still am grateful to God for friends I got to know through work, L&D and Inspire. It has never been about being “well-known” for me. I love people, and I love the variety and excitement that they bring to my life. There never is a boring day for me ’cause I get to interact with people of different personalities and tastes.

(Pic from Sheng)

(Pic from Mark)

I still am very grateful to God for bringing me back to my church friends :) I love how close we all are now. I can go back to joking around with them and I can say that I our relationships have gone deeper than merely being acquaintances. I love it! Nothing beats having a strong family of faith. What amuses me more is that I have become more open to having friends who are not like me. I used to be confined to my mga ka-vibes and even disliked being close to those not of our department. Thank you Lord for maturity.


No goals! I need to replenish my concert-watching fund.


If you look at THIS blog’s calendar, you’ll see that I’ve been a horrible blogger. I will just look at my “missed posts” as a sign of maturing ’cause I can control what I want to say now. But of course, imbento ko lang ‘yun. But, if you also notice, I made a lot of improvements ;) Mehehe! I have blog sponsors now, and even made a Facebook page for this blog!

I was able to do some updates @ our church website. I hope to do more once I get the spare time :)

The most awesome unplanned thing: I STARTED A CHRISTIAN WEBZINE THROUGH GOD’S HELP!!! I thank Him for the wisdom and for touching the hearts of those who joined the Salt and Light magazine theme. I am now convinced that we can DO GREAT THINGS FOR GOD if only we decide to actually take the first step & trust Him with the rest!


I praise God for this month! If I need to sum it all up using one Bible verse, it would definitely be Acts 13:22 which says:

God testified concerning him: ‘I have found David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.’

I know it’s an odd choice, and I am not claiming that I am PERFECT. But I claim to be like David. Despite his falls and sins, he stood up & asked for forgiveness, and God was faithful to him and his bloodline!

And if I can sum it up through one song excerpt, it will be:

So I’ll stop searching for the answers,
I’ll stop praying for an escape
And I’ll trust you God with where I am
And believe you will have your way


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