Back to the Start

Today, I got the recently rare opportunity to get together with some friends from college! We had lunch at Peanut Butter Company, where the food was a little pricey for the amount. Haha! I surprisingly liked the Chicken Curry Pasta though. Note: Not a peanut butter fan, here.

We had random stories about life, and we laughed a lot! Hahaha! That’s something we enjoy doing as CS nerds, I guess. Something to take our mind off of things. I like how we have clean fun now :) I have more hopes and dreams for our group, and I shall pray for those things :)

After lunch, some of us grabbed dessert @ Sebastian’s. Please, let me wander far from Katipunan. That shop will rob me of all my money. The cookie dough ice cream tasted REALLY GOOD. What is it with me + artisan ice cream nowadays?

Anyway, the most amusing part was that…we played Rock Band…at Blue Skies. It felt like college all over again. Hahaha!

Two key moments of that get together:

  • Liban and I are now Facebook friends! *\o/* *\o/* After 4 years! Wooo!
  • I got to invite some folks to join me on Friday @ FNL!

After the get-together, I rushed home to join the Accountability Meeting! I learned a lot, thanks to Tito Roy. I love how he thinks. I’d probably be scared if he’s my boss, but I’m sure I’ll take away a lot of lessons each time. Hay, all I can say now is that I am blessed to be given this ministry of leading groups. It’s NOT easy, I tell you. What helps though is trusting that God will work in their lives. As I type this, I am challenged with something, but haaaay! Thank God for the peace! Old me would go ballistic and angry. I am glad I am done with that stage.

Anyway, this is what I wore throughout the afternoon. Peg: chill.

My favorite top from a department store, denim shorts from Go Figure, scarf from Mama’s closet, my favorite accessories


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