Much Sense

Surprise, surprise. Today’s supposed bland and ordinary line-up of events (a.k.a. meetings) morphed into something more fun-filled and quite unexpected.

I woke up quite early as I was to hitch with my mom, uncles and aunts on their way to Market Market. It was supposed to be an ordinary day of me being alone in the office during the morning. That was until I realized that Market Market is just 10 minutes away from my office and I could go back anytime thanks to the numerous cabs in BGC. They brought me to the office to drop off my laptop and we headed to Market Market.

Note: I like being with the older family members. It surprises me that I can hold sensible conversations with them. For instance, during today’s car ride, we talked about my cellphone model, taking days off at work, good industries to become a project manager, grooming an apprentice for your role, etcetera. I felt like a two year-old curious about the world with the numerous questions and “oohs” and “aahs” that I let out.

Another note: Market Market is actually a good mall to bring balikbayans to. Other malls are too Westernized already and remind me too much of malls in Singapore. Market Market just strikes me to be very Pinoy.

Anyway, when we got to Market Market, a decision was made to have lunch at Kamay Kainan which was an eat-all-you-can place! Bwahahahaha! #winning I got free lunch and more time to bond with my aunts and uncles. We again discussed grown up matter (e.g. where my aunts live, how my sisters and I would probably enjoy going to the US, getting a US visa, our fondness for snail, buying my uncle a phone for his birthday, restaurants in the US, etcetera) and it was quite amusing to be with the older folks without any pretensions. They just had fun talking and eating, and it was then that I realized that it was the first time in years that the 7 of them were all together :) *cue corporate aww*

Here’s a photo of me and my Tito sharing our amusement with ginataang suso.

Awesome moment after our pig-out: we saw my cousin at Market Market. I gave out a hearty non-insulting laugh upon realizing how awkward the moment was. The laugh was more of amusement regarding the situation since we were just talking earlier that day about how his girlfriend works at Market Market.

Fast-forward to 6 pm. Some teammates and I were supposed to run at the Philippine Army Oval but most weren’t able to bring extra clothes. With that, we instantly decided that we’d walk to High Street, look for good food, and walk back to the office. I love how spontaneous my teammates are! Hahaha!

I put on my rubber shoes and walked with Daph, Mooch and AJ to High Street. It was one of the most interesting walks I’ve had since I didn’t realize in the past how Mckinley Hill lacked streetlights. Haha! We also *drumroll please* helped a cab driver push his cab uphill dahil nasiraan siya. And we did that while in office attire. Hahaha! Amusing. It took ~20 minutes to head to BHS. Remind me to ALWAYS take long walks.

We ate at Nolita upon reaching BHS as Mooch is its unofficial ambassador. Good pizza, I must say! Just 3 bites and I already felt full! The place was so New York, too. I felt like I was in the set of How I Met Your Mother. We walked back to the office again, or more like sprinted as I had a meeting to catch.

Interesting day, yes.


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