Things That Should Have Ended Last December 21

Meme from Meme Center

Meme from Meme Center

Hurrah! The world did not end last December 21 as the Mayans predicted.

It was a little hilarious how my block friends and I responded to the ‘end of the world’. We were playing board games during the evening of the 21st at Liban’s and due to our competitiveness, we didn’t realize that we have already been playing for quite a while as it was already 12:30 am of the 22nd. That just meant one thing: we survived the ‘apocalypse’….because it did not happen. Best way to celebrate: shake hands with and congratulate one another. Utmost sabaw moment.

While I rejoice that the life on Earth did not end just yet, there are other things that I think should have ended last December 21.

1) Sending too many game requests on Facebook.

Thank you for sending me a gift to help me as I play that Facebook game. I appreciate gifts a lot, so yey. If I were still playing that game, I would definitely help you out so we can exemplify commensalism. However, my non-response to your game requests for the past 6 months should be a hint that I sadly do not play that game anymore. I’m not sure if you’re trying to encourage me to get back into the Facebook gaming world, but I wish to inform you that it is highly unlikely to happen.

The fix: Observe your news feed or your ticker. If lazy, hit on Ctrl+F then type in the name of the Facebook game you are playing. List down the name of the person who posted something related to the game. While playing, when asked to send out requests to your friends, refer to your list.

2) Cab drivers being picky with passengers.

Being a Marikina girl working in Taguig, it used to be a struggle to get a cab home especially when there’s a long queue of passengers. Thanks to the awesome security guards of our building, cab drivers who are too selective are reminded that they won’t be allowed to line up anymore if they make it a habit to refuse transport to passengers.

I understand being picky ONLY during three instances: (1) the cab’s garage is at the opposite end of Marikina and it’s almost time for carbarn, and (2) the cab driver encounters an emergency, or (3) natural calamities that would endanger the life of the cab driver.

Some girls from our team and I have this amazing story about being ghosts in Makati. Not only were we refused, but we were also skipped. Upon finally getting a cab, the relief I felt was similar to how it feels like after a long day at work–and that analogy says a lot.

The fix: Avoid asking the passenger where he/she is headed even before boarding the cab. If the passenger informs you about the target destination while already in the cab, do not ask him/her to step down. Oh, and if the traffic jam is insane, do not drop the passenger off right in the middle of a highway or an unknown place.

3) Forgetting about your friends when you get into a relationship, then ‘returning’ to them once you’ve broken up as if nothing happened

I am glad to have learned the concept of CBF when I was in college as it made me aware of this disease I need to avoid. While I do not condone spending more time with your significant other during the first few months of the relationship, I strongly believe that as time goes by, you should remember your friends. Once you’ve broken up, I’m sure that you’ll be running right back into the arms of your friends ’cause you’ll have nobody else on your side. If that happens, please do not commit the most disrespectful thing ever: turning this into a cycle.

The fix: Stop using people as ‘meantime friends’. Friendship doesn’t require talking everyday or meeting up weekly. When you get back into a relationship, it would be nice if you could at least make your presence felt.

4) Not replying to important text messages

I was just recently discussing with my sister how the movie Home Alone doesn’t make sense anymore in the current decade due to the availability of cellphones, laptops, tablets, post offices, landlines, Wi-fi, cars, etcetera. The only reasons I can accept for not responding are: (1) if one doesn’t really want to talk to me, or (2) if one doesn’t care if I care about his/her state. If the reason is (1), then let us discuss this separately offline. If the reason is (2), well, I’m sorry for caring, I guess?

The fix: Utilize all methods of communication (social media, SMS, Chikka, Viber, e-mail, landline, snail mail) to respond to messages involving life and death situations, work-related matters, questions about your current location during a meet-up, questions about the time of the meet-up, your safety, the scores of the latest NBA game, or the results of Survivor.

5) Making blog posts in list form.

Dear Meki, please stop making lists.

The fix: Be less lazy in blogging.


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