Some Things Are Not Spoken Of

I know you’ve been waiting for this…not. Hahaha! While I have now grown to become a non-gift-expecting person, I still have a few requests for my upcoming 22nd birthday (oh no I am old now). This is as basic as it gets for no particular reason. Maybe, I have morphed into a low-maintenance person? Oh wait, I’ve always been one–to my detriment, at times.

1: Longans – This is the best fruit EVER. Just talking about it is making me craaaave! The fact that the “seed” entirely separates from the part you can eat is awesome–very much unlike lansones and rambutan.

Photo from Daily Health Info

Photo from Daily Health Info

2: Castanas – You probably already know about my love affair with chestnuts :) I can eat these all day, every day.


3: A bouquet of flowers – This is only for the purpose of me understanding how it feels like to receive flowers ’cause I’ve never gotten such…ever. Of course, I’m not counting the obligatory flowers from our French dormmates.

Photo from Walltor

Photo from Walltor


Title inspired by the best birthday song ever:


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