Flunky & Films & Famine


I got a good wake-up call from the Lord today (January 1).

The family (plus Kuya and Coy) were about to watch a movie earlier today, and we decided to buy some snacks before getting inside the theater. I was in line for some buko at the Fruitas stall and the lady was taking quite some time to serve the person in front of me. While I was waiting, I saw that another line was formed on the other side of the stall. I immediately mouthed to my mother that it was apparently allowed to have a separate queue. Fine, I admit that I was quite sarcastic and pissed off already at that time.

While I was showing my mother my utmost dismay about my whole purchasing experience, the random dude behind me asked the saleslady out loud if we were allowed to fall in line on the other side to buy buko. The saleslady said that it wasn’t allowed, and that answer almost crushed me into tiny pieces out of shame. Way to go, good-looking dude behind me! Hahaha!

That awkward moment spawned my further irritability. Add to that the fact that the saleslady bunched my orders along with the dude’s in terms of preparation. That just meant extra waiting time. I was already irritated so I motioned to my cousin telling him that I’m betting that the saleslady will serve the dude behind me first.

Then, the most awkward moment of the day happened when the said dude probably heard what I was saying. He gave me my two drinks, and I did NOT say thank you. I think I uttered something like: “I still don’t have my change.” Way to go, Meki! Hahaha!

Lesson for the day: Be more patient and pleasant with other people. They’re probably having a hard time as I am. Always say thank you. Guard your testimony. If God were following you wherever you went, would He be pleased?


My favorite movie quote.

My favorite movie quote.

Today, I watched Sosy Problems (only because I already watched El Presidente and One More Try).

While I don’t really know how they screen MMFF films, I took a Philippine Cinema elective under Fr. Nick and gained some decent understanding of quality Filipino movies. May 2013 be a better year for the MMFF. It wouldn’t hurt if we could have 8 films of equal caliber despite being of varying genres.


I got a cool book during our Connect & Grow exchange gift called “Today, God Is First”. It contains daily meditations on the principles of Christ in the workplace. As you know about my struggles work-wise, I pray that God would use this tool to direct my ways.

January 1:

Today’s meditation talked about the story of Joseph’s brothers and the famine. I never saw it that way before but indeed, God used the famine to bring about freedom for Joseph and his brothers. As Reuben, Simeon and the rest of the gang had to go to Egypt to ask for supplication, they had to have an encounter with Joseph, their brother whom they sold to slavery. That must have been an awesome experience for both the brothers and Joseph. After how many years, they were brought to a time of repentance and forgiveness, and those ultimately lead to freedom.


I am brought to reflect my time of famine. At the moment, I am experience utmost turmoil career-wise. To be honest, I find myself looking for other opportunities almost everyday. Yet, I know that God is using my circumstance to lead me to His bigger purpose. Just like the famine, it’s painful right now, but I long for the time of freedom. I’m not sure yet what God will lead me to–will it be to stay and be a blessing in the office, to move to a Christian company, to be a full-time Bible School student, to be employed in our church, or to stop and rest? Caution: exciting times ahead.

January 2:

Today’s meditation talked about the rebuilding of the temple as told in Haggai. God was calling His remnant to not just focus on rebuilding their own shelters as they return from captivity. Rather, they should come out of their comfort zones and build God’s temple. What’s amazing is that God promised to be with them along the way as He has promised when they were lead out of Egypt hundreds of years ago.


God is calling people who can go out of their comfort zones in the workplace. Instead of just building their own careers and making their own money, they are called to build God’s kingdom in the office. They are called to go beyond the “Egypt” way of life, which is sweating and toiling (something that Moochie and I talked about in the past). They are called for something greater!

This is a good reminder to me that if I don’t get moved out of the corporate world (though that is something that I’m still trying to accept), God can still use me to minister in the office. My experience in 2012 has actually taught me that I might be effective in the workplace with some equipping and more dependence on the Holy Spirit rather than myself.


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