I’m In Love

While doing some pondering today on my again non-existent lovelife, I have realized two things:

1) In my past boy-related matters, I always prioritized what I would get out of whatever we had. I never realized how selfish I am until today. I’d always focus on what would make me kilig, or if I’m doing something for the other person, it will based on what I think will make  me the most awesome special someone ever.

I guess starting now I need to focus more on what will make the other person grow and be happy. Less of what I can get.

2) Admittedly, I’ve recently been lovelife-crazy. I attribute this to some recent heartaches and being surrounded by people who love each other. Oh, and weddings. There have been quite a lot of them recently. AND THEN I STUMBLED UPON THIS INTRO VIDEO from Francis Chan:

This really made me think about my relationship with God. I mean, I’m in love with Him. I love Him more than anything in this world. But, do I show it? Why am I willing to sacrifice everything for a boyfriend but not for God? Why do I talk to crushes with utmost excitement while I talk to God as if I’m bored and just required? When people tell me that they love me, I suddenly set these standards expecting them to show me how they love me. If I can feel that way, I think I should set the same standards for myself in terms of my love for Him.

I’m in love. I will show that.


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