Person of the Year

I am proud to present to you the nominees for the Person of the Year Award 2013:

Nominee #1: Francis Chan

Nominated for: Being my favorite preacher and for having a name that comes up at least every 10 minutes during conversations with my small groups. You probably know him due to the success of his very wonderful book, Crazy Love, which brings all the glory to God.

Nominee #2: Tony Parker

Nominated for: Being a crucial piece for the Spurs during the Play-offs. How awesome is he? Notwithstanding the cheating controversies, his ex-wife, Eva Longoria, had to cheer on Parker’s team after that great Game 1 moment.

Nominee #3: Jason Mraz

Nominated for: Giving us a good concert at Araneta last May. Though I personally do not agree with some of his personal stands in life, I will remain in awe with the beauty of his music.

Nominee #4: A friend of mine

Nominated for: Sharing with me that stressed men find heavier women more attractive. Almost life-changing. Hahaha!


And the winner is…to be determined by the end of the year. Why give out the award this early?


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