Take a Picture, Save the World

No lengthy introduction. I know that you know that this generation LOVES taking pictures of themselves (#selfie) or of food/plates/cutlery (#instagramthat).

With that, I give you 2 ways that you can put your fondness for taking pictures into good use:

Donate A Selfie

If I were brave enough to submit my application 2 years ago, I would probably be working for AHON Foundation right now. Alas, I am not. Yet, I still fully support what AHON does as they develop functional libraries to public schools across the country. When I was still attending a public science high school, I was a library mainstay–even to the point of my ID being confiscated as I was so eager to enter the library when it apparently wasn’t ready for use yet. Having an actually usable library is beneficial for the kids ’cause I believe that we should start early in encouraging people to read. Books are awesome. Libraries are awesome. Allocating our country’s money to senseless parties is not.

How can you help?

You can help by expanding AHON’s reach via social media! If we have time to share those 9gag, Buzzfeed and Thoughtcatalog posts, then we should have the time to spread awareness on a good cause.

1) Take a photo of yourself while reading a book.

2) Post it on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram indicating the following in the description: (1) the reason why you love reading, and (2) the impact reading/books had in your life. Make sure to tag @ahonfoundation and add the following hashtags: #reading and #hope4filkids.

3) This is something you don’t really need to do for a prize but AHON’s gonna give out Timezone coupons for the following:

  • Person whose photo has the most number of likes and shares on Facebook.
  • Person whose photo has the most number of retweets on Twitter.
  • Person whose photo has the most number of positive comments on Instagram.

What are you waiting for? Be proud that you’re a bookworm, and help in making even more young bookworms in this country.

Love Food? Don’t Waste!

One of my pet peeves is people who do not finish their food. I find it to be a big waste of money and of the food per se, ’cause as cliche as it may sound, there truly are a LOT of people in this planet who don’t get to eat even 1 meal a day.

Because of that, I was so amused upon stumbling upon a Healthy Options ad through Click the City. They are launching a campaign that encourages people to finish their food and empty their plates. Sounds fantastic!


Photo nabbed from CtC; click for the source.

How can you help?

Upfront, you need to know that a donation will be made by Healthy Options to Hands On Manila Foundation, Inc’s EAT TO FEED program once 500 entries are gathered. 500 entries? That’s so easy! Rally the troops now!

1) After eating, post a photo of your empty plate on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

2) Don’t forget to add the #foodlessplate hashtag, and share your photo via your other social media accounts.

3) Tag the Healthy Options Facebook page, Twitter (@_HealthyOptions), and Instagram (@HealthyOptionsPH) accounts, depending on which platform you are using to share the photo.

According to the article, 2,000 tons of food are thrown out by Filipinos everyday. Man, that is a lot. Let us be responsible citizens and responsible human beings and help in stopping hunger and food wastage!


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