On Eating the 100% Perfect Champorado One Beautiful October Morning

Side note: I would like to give myself a pat on the back for the excellent reference to my favorite piece EVER by Haruki Murakami. Yahoo!

October 15 was a holiday and of course, it only meant one thing: A GOOD TIME TO FIND GOOD FOOD! As it has always been on holidays and rest days, my mother asked my grandmother if she wanted to go to the mall, to which my grandma obliged. Given that I don’t get to go to malls that often anymore (cue: huhu), I tagged along upon realizing that there’s a Max’s branch in SM Marikina. Why Max’s? Well, last week, I chanced upon this article about the Top 10 Champorado in Metro Manila as per Spot.ph and have vowed to eat champorado as prodded by my tastebuds.

When we got to Max’s, I found out from the menu outside the restaurant that they serve the champorado from 7 am to 10 am and only in selected branches. I was disappointed but true to my UAAP spirit (not!), I still took the chance and asked the waitress if their champorado was available. Praise God, it was! :)


They call this their “Triple Chocolate Champorado”, and I love how it has just the right amount of milk. I do not like my champorado drowning in creaminess to the point that the chocolate taste is gone. I just got the petite version, which costs about Php65 and I must say that this is worth every single peso. The taste of their champorado is reminiscent of semi-sweet chocolate from Hershey’s as it is not to sweet and not too bitter. The composition was not runny (another pet peeve of mine), but it had just the right amount of thickness, not making it difficult to scoop or to stir.

I think this is something I can enjoy either hot or cold. Mm-mm-mm. I think I might have found my new comfort food.



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