Sweet-a-holics Customized Cakes and Cupcakes

Next to fireworks and starry nights in my list of things-I-like-about-life are CUPCAKES. There’s just something about a sweet piece of cake topped with a good swirl of even more sweetness that I can hold with just my hand. Suh-weet!

I’ve tasted cupcakes from various bakeshops in Metro Manila (and was even part of a college group’s market research FGD on cupcakes) and even though I attempt to vow not to take in the extra calories, I find myself eventually succumbing to the goodness of cupcakes. I think it doesn’t help that my two favorite food-related shows are DC Cupcakes and Cupcake Wars (I love Florian Bellanger).


I’ve been seeing this stall at SM Marikina called Sweet-a-holics for a long time but haven’t tried out their cupcakes with the excuse that I already have other food purchases in mind even prior to going to the mall–no more room for an extra 60 peso spending. Yet, during this week’s holiday, I gave in to my mother’s request that I treat her to a piece, as she rarely asks me directly to buy her something.

It will be impossible to miss their stall at SM Marikina as it s full of pink goodness! To add to that, they have quite interesting flavors too :) During my visit, they were offering the following: (1) red velvet with cream cheese frosting, (2) Speculoos cookie butter, (3) Nutella, (4) triple chocolate, (5) dulce de leche, (6) cream cheese, and (7) Lacey’s macadamia. Each cupcake costs Php60–quite a steal, if you ask me, considering the prices of cupcakes these days.


Other than cupcakes, they also have small bowls of cheesecake, which I think cost Php130 each (if I remember correctly). These look really good! Note to self: try this next time.



I bought a piece of the red velvet cupcake as it is my all-time favorite–yes, even before 95% of the world knew what a red velvet cupcake was (#hipstermeki). I got my mother a piece of the cream cheese cupcake, on the other hand. The cupcakes, when bought individually, come in these adorable boxes–well, I’m not sure if they should be called boxes but yeah.



I don’t have photos of my mom’s cupcake but she did like it! She said that it tasted like the ones that were brought home by my sister some months back–and that’s saying a lot, since those were probably the best that she has tasted.

I, on the other hand, took this lovely photo of my red velvet cupcake. And, my verdict: I LOVE IT! It is moist in the right amount, and the frosting was not kinuripot with the cream cheese! The frosting makes or breaks anything red velvet for me, so it was nice that theirs had the right consistency and taste! Only things for improvement I could think of are: (1) devise some method to not let the cupcake stick to the paper too much, and (2) add more swirls to the frosting!

20131015_105644 20131015_105554 20131015_105549


Oh, and yes. I finished it in maybe 4 or 5 bites and a few licks. I’m coming back for more >:)

Visit Sweet-a-holics Customized Cakes and Cupcakes at the Ground Floor of SM Marikina! Contact them via their FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/SweetaholicsCustomizedCakesAndCupcakes


2 thoughts on “Sweet-a-holics Customized Cakes and Cupcakes

  1. Candice Golino says:

    Hi ma’am thank you so much for the VERY NICE review about my cupcakes :) May i say something about “the room for improvement” 1st : That’s what red velvet is all about… the sticking of the moist cake in the paper ( you can even lick the paper if you’re “bitin” hihihihi ) and 2nd : The Swirl… it is already a signature that a simple swirl of frosting is enough for this very tempting…moist… and head turner piece of a cupcake :)
    I’m glad you liked it! and again… Thank you so much :)

    • CT Hanah Tahir says:

      I love your red velvet cupcakes! I wish you have more stalls in other SM or other malls though :( i have to go all the way to SM marikina to buy 6 and i finish them all within 2 days, seriously! I went to google about your stalls that’s why I am here and couldn’t agree more to what this review has to say! Whenever i am at a mall, i buy myself a red velvet cupcake hoping my cravings for yours will go away, but they just won’t! They couldn’t compete with the love I had with your red velvet. Dunno why but it’s so damn good. I’ve tried your Specuulos but I am not into cookie butters anyway. I just hope you have more branches! :( and hope you’ll give discounts if I buy like 6-12pieces. I’m going back to SM Marikina to buy and I live in Sampaloc lol. So much effort just for the cupcakes but for me, super worth it! :)

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