Casa Verde: Best Ribs Ever!

I didn’t know about Casa Verde until I saw a friend tweet about it, which caused me do some research. Alas, all the wonderful reviews had me inviting my STC friends to dine at Casa Verde at the newly-opened UP Town Center (which I shall call Uptown as pauso), albeit it was only Nic and I who got to go on a Saturdate.

I went to Uptown at about 11:45 am to make sure that I get to reserve a table, assuming that there won’t be any people at Casa Verde yet. I won’t do any kwento about the Uptown experience yet as a whole (that’s for a separate post) but it is good to note that Casa Verde is located at the 2nd floor, on the left side. When I got there, I was informed that all the tables were OCCUPIED. Seriously. At 11:45 am. I thought to myself that the food must really be something for people to have the desire to go there for almost-brunch. I was first on the waiting list though so hurrah!


While I was sitting outside and not-enjoying the humidity, there were about 7 groups/pairs who agreed to being waitlisted. At this point in time, I was 100% stoked to start eating as I was pretty sure that I was gonna enjoy good food. After a few minutes, I got the signal to go in and settled in their very rustic (with a country vibe) dining area. The table had a candle in the middle (not sure why) and it was big enough to probably sit 3 people max. Nic arrived shortly and we then got to order our picks. I ordered the famous Brian’s Ribs and the waiter was suggesting some good stuff for Nic–well, that was until she saw the ribs for the table next to us, which definitely meant that she had to get the ribs as well. Haha!


The ribs arrived after 3 minutes (IT WAS SO QUICK) and Nic and I were astonished (for the lack of a better term) with how HUMONGOUS the serving was. We could’ve probably shared one order! The ribs were OOZING with juice and SMOTHERED in good good sauce and were served with rice and corn & carrots. It was definitely worth it for Php250! The waitresses even asked if we wanted extra sauce (for free!) to which we of course obliged.


We didn’t finish our ribs ’cause we were so full so we just had half of our orders wrapped for take out.




As I stepped out the door of Casa Verde, I found myself listing down in my mind whom I will bring there next. Bwahahaha!





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