Tom and Jerry

I was asked to associate myself with either one of  two of the most famous cartoon characters from Hanna-Barbera (yehes, naalala) during out time. Yet before I do that, I just want to say that I miss Cartoon Network *sniff sniff*. It’s been years since I last watched that channel. I’m not sure when my addiction to Nickelodeon started when I was a kid but I was originally a Cartoon Network child :) I miss Little Lulu, the Jetsons, the Flintstones, Cow & Chicken, I Am Weasel, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Lab and the Powerpuff Girls. Haaaay, I sometimes wish that I could travel back in time and be a kid again. Nothing beats watching cartoons in the afternoon ;)

Anyway, I digress. So, I took a random Tom & Jerry personality test online and found out that as per Internet intelligence, there’s a 70% likelihood of me being a Jerry.



I have to admit, I was trying my best to find a personality test that will say that I’m a Jerry, ’cause I’d like to think that I’m smart, mischievous, playful, innocent and fun-loving. Yet, no personality test (except that one above) or no person for that matter will agree with that. Haha! I ended up watching this clip while I was writing the blog post and I have come to realize that I am ultimately a Tom. *sob sob sob*

The clip describes Tom as the one who starts the fight. He’s also cocky, egotistical, prone to anger, stubborn…yet likable and still goofily playful. And to that, I agree. In almost all of the episodes of T&J (adults version) that I’ve seen, Tom construes and devises some plot to torture Jerry…and it almost always ends up biting him in the tush. And I can just relate with the whole Tom personality.

  1. I get told that I like conflict. Well, of course, I do not. I love peace and harmony. Yet, I love discussions and bantering. I don’t like sleeping on issues. I like settling them right then and there. Though this might ’cause pain at the onset, I usually prefer to immediately find out what’s wrong, and how I am involved in the whole issue. This is much like Tom, I guess, who instead of passing off every encounter with his mortal enemy (Jerry) as nothing, will do his best to light some flame and get some rowdy interactions going. To clarify, hindi naman ako nananakit. Haha! I just love it when problems and feelings are being discussed.
  2. I’m quite mayabang. So, I was stalking myself one time and found a post made by a batchmate’s sibling which says that she found me a little mayabang while I was giving my valedictory speech (yehes, *insert yabang there*). So, thinking about it, yes, I do think I can get cocky, most especially when I am insecure and when I feel like I need to prove something.
  3. I’m egotistical. Yes, have you seen the number of I’s in this blog post?
  4. I’m prone to anger. Haaay oo talaga. In fairness, nag-improve naman. I used to be very irritable and easily annoyed. Medyo less na ngayon. It only gets triggered when I see kalat and disorder, and when someone does not respond ‘pag may sinabi ako. Haha hello sisters!
  5. I’m stubborn. Again, so true. Matigas talaga ulo ko on so many things, especially health-related matters.

Despite that, I’d like to think that just like Tom, I’m still quite likable. May friends naman ako, so siguro okay naman? Haha! I think Tom’s actions are usually driven by the feeling na he wants to be okay and na hindi makalamang si Jerry sa kanya. Can relate much. Hindi naman ako na-aannoy kay Tom, so sana hindi rin ako annoying (except to Liban haha)?

Oh, and despite all those quirks that I have, it is very true that I am still goofy and playful. I actually feel like I’m in a slapstick cartoon at times. Kung saan-saan ako bumabangga at kung ano-ano ang nangyayari sa akin. I love it.

I remember that some episodes do show Tom and Jerry getting along. When they find a common enemy, it becomes easy for them to be on the same side of the team. Same goes with me. Haha! If you love what I love and don’t like what I don’t like, eventually I think it becomes easier to get along with me. Do not be a clone of me, though. I love differences amidst similarities (yihee, inside joke with myself re: college crush).



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