Trivia about me and my family: We’ve never had a pet…EVER. We’re not really fond of dogs, cats, or any moving living thing that is not a human being or a plant. Whenever I go to friends’ houses, it’s an automatic task for them (which I thank them for) to contain their pets in their specific areas (not sure what they’re called?) to ensure that they go nowhere near me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate animals. I’m just not fond of them, really. I can pet fluffy dogs (I miss you, Kairi!), be amused with fishes in aquariums, or learn about reptiles, amphibians and what have you. I just can’t have them as pets. Hehehehe :p

Side note: I randomly remember my moment with Melai, my tita’s dog, when I was in their house maybe 10 years back. I was peacefully lounging around the house when the front door suddenly got unlocked (to the person who unlocked it, I will find you!!! chos). Melai barged in and CHASED ME. Syempre, may I takbo naman ako and I climbed the sofa na abot pala ni Melai. Utmost fail. Good thing hindi niya ako kinagat. Duwag lang ata talaga ako…on so many levels. Haha.

Back to the main point of this entry. I was asked what pet I would take care of if I would have a pet. Obviously a difficult question! I was trying to think of a possible pet choice that I can explain with some profound, philosophical answer. So, I have resorted to picking a GUINEA PIG. Bwahahaha.


I did some research about these cute little creatures and I have decided that they are the right ones for me because they:

  • are very happy creatures! To quote my research, I have found out that a guinea pig “will squeal with delight at the sound of your refrigerator opening (thus the “pig” in guinea pig), and when he’s happy, he’ll jump for joy, kicking his heels up in the air.” Who wouldn’t want to be with a creature as hyper as that? (PS: Si Eeiapot ang naimagine ko nung binasa ko ‘yung line na ‘yun hahaha! Siguro as cute as Eeiapot ang guinea pigs!)
  • have body clocks similar with humans. ‘Di ko pa keri magpuyat para sa alagang hayop huhu. Though that will be good practice for future motherhood, I don’t think my current health situation can accommodate it for now. Also, the pet being awake during daytime would mean that it can my guests/visitors/friends can play with it!
  • will bond with you! That’s probably the best thing about caring for a guinea pig! It’s as if you’re taking care of a cute little baby!! (cue: good memories of bonding with Eeiapot)
  • are cuddly! I love hugging cute people (e.g. Eeiapot, Empot, Joshie, etc) and I would love to have a cute pet to hug all the time!

Aaaand, I will name my (possible) future guinea pig: CUPCAKE. Other than the fact that I love cupcakes (paging Cupcakes by Sonja or Cupcake Lab, please sponsor my blog hahahaha), wouldn’t it be so adorable to call someone ‘cupcake’? :)


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