To the 33 year-old Meki

Hello future self,

Your 23 year-old self says hello. I am writing this on a chilly June evening while I am nursing an almost-flu, relieved that I am on a 2-week job hiatus as I wait for my first day back in HP. If you don’t remember, yes, you were crazy enough to quit your NGO stint after just 9 months of working there, trusting that you understood the Lord’s dealing correctly by going back to your previous employer.

I’m sure you have lots of lists tucked in your planner (if people still use planners in 2024) but here’s another one you can add as these are my hopes for you:

1) I hope that you finally got over your first legit heartbreak (grabe naman kung hindi pa) and have returned to being friends or at least civil with the said person. As I write this, I still am harboring some negative emotions and feelings towards the person and consequently, some cuts and bruises, which will hopefully be healed over time.

2) I hope that you got to finally pursue Frolic full-time with Dora. You once had a dream of quitting corporate and going self-employed as an events manager. I really hope you got courageous enough to actually do it :)

3) I hope that you got to study abroad via Erasmus or AusAID, or at Hillsong College. You were once a coward (and lazy). Sana naman you didn’t remain that way until 10 years after.

4) I hope that you’re still head over heels in love with the Lord and still very passionate in serving Him! Also, sana hindi na kita kailangan i-remind about this ’cause I hope that you’re checking on this day after day, month after month, year after year.

5) I hope that you’re married to a wonderful man who loves Jesus more than he loves you. You used to pray for someone who is: (a) committed to the Lord, (b) of good character, (c) diligent, and the list goes on hahaha. I’m quite sure that God’s best for you will be all that and more ;) If you’re still single, then just continue to wait. You used to have churchmates whom the Lord blessed with a partner when they were in their 30’s. Pero ‘wag naman sana… Hahaha!

6) I hope that you have 3 cute little kids who are like Eeiapot. ONLY if you are already married.

7) I hope that you’re still friends with all the chikitings you used to play with.

8) I hope that your sisters all got to finish college with flying colors and while still very much in love with JesusPlease continue to pray for them regularly :)

9) I hope that your blockmates and other friends have gotten to know Christ and that you allowed yourself to be used by the Lord to minister to them in one way or another.

10) I hope that you have already been able to bring Mama, Monik, Dem and Pot to Europe for a vacation–making them experience what you experienced back in 2008.

11) I hope that you still have in you that child-like personality reminiscent of Sesame Street and afternoons playing in the streets. May you have grown up but not grown ‘old’.

Oh, and if any of these hopes of your 23 year-old self got fulfilled, then please do attend the Prayer Meeting (do you still hold it on Wednesdays?) and share a testimony about God’s faithfulness throughout the past decade of your life.

I actually have a lot more hopes for you but I’m sure that 25 year-old and 28 year-old Meki will have other things in mind, so we better wait for that ;)

– Much love from Meki @ 23

PS: I just hope that you could talk to me as well right now and let me know that things are going to be alright.


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