Are you K?

Today’s Friday 5 is quite interesting as it is Scattergories inspired! You can get the full instructions here, but for the interest of your precious internet time, I will flash forward and skip the lengthy explanation on what this whole thing is about.

I got the letter K, and will need to use words starting with that letter to answer the following questions:

1. What article of clothing, whose name begins with the letter, have you never worn?

I have never in my entire life worn a kilt. But, I hope to have a future circumstance that will require me to wear one. #adventuroustraveler

2. What book, whose title begins with the letter, are you looking forward to reading?

I’ve read part of it already but I’m excited to read Knowing God by J.I. Packer again, this time with less pressure. Haha! It’s such a good book, which makes it justifiable that it’s considered a ‘spiritual classic’.

3. What mode of transportation, whose name begins with the letter, seems like it would be fun?

I’ve tried riding a kayak when we were in Caliraya some gazillion years ago, but I think it would be interesting to actually use it for transport. It’s actually kinda creepy to ride a kayak–kasi naman literal na mag-isa ka lang at parang onting uga lang ay malalaglag ka na. Well, panindigan ang #adventuroustraveler.

4. What form of exercise, whose name begins with the letter, have you recently engaged in?

My best investment of 2011 is our XBOX 360 + Kinect! It has been my only form of exercise in the past year due to its convenience and fun factor. Thank you, meme, for reminding me to do Just Dance tomorrow morning for fitness.

5. What fictional character, whose name begins with the letter, would be good company on a long trip?

KATNISS EVERDEEN!!!!!!! Actually, I’m having second thoughts about this choice ’cause she’s generally just all melancholic and angry and kebs with life. But, I’ve figured that maybe we could talk about very deep and sensible matters, as if I’m in a philosophy class. Also, kahit mawala kami, siguradong magagawan niya ng paraan na makahanap kami ng titirahan at kakainin!! Woo!!! Salamat, Katniss!

*Blog post title is supposed to be a wordplay on “Are you okay?” Mehehehe I’m so funny.


On a scale of 1-10, how was your day? 7

The best thing that happened today: Got to go to Capitol to attend Y-Fi and ‘hangout’ sa pag-aabang ng jeep with a random bunch of people — Ate Jez, Dem, Pot, Jason, Ferlito and Rachelle! Kakatuwa sila! :))


A not-so-good thing that happened today: Thought my bleeding has finally stopped, but it didn’t. Huhu. I am so bloodless. #tmi

One thing I’ve learned today: Just because I don’t have major family problems, it doesn’t mean that other people aren’t experiencing such concerns. Be more sensitive to reach out to people who have issues at home.


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