TV Shows: My Procrastination Destination

That’s My Answer‘s question for the day asks:

We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?

I found it to be an opportune time for me to share with you the TV shows that I’ve recently been addicted to:

1) Suits

One-liner description: Fake lawyer + best closer = bromance

Always and forever. The best show on TV since HIMYM ended (HIMYM was and will always be my #1). Perfect when stressed with work as it gets you motivated to be as calm and collected as the people of Pearson-Specter (the law firm). I can only hope that this show never ends.

Here’s the Season 1 trailer (it’s now on Season 4):

2) Silicon Valley

One-liner description: Adorable geeks clinch financing for their start-up

I must admit. Part of what makes me hooked with this show is that I can somehow relate with all the computer geek references. While I am not a great coder by nature, IT has found its way in my veins. All the tech talk in the show makes me giddy with excitement :)

Here’s the Season 1 trailer (Season 1 just ended; no date for Season 2 yet but the show has been renewed):

3) Halt and Catch Fire

One-liner description: Shady IBM ex-employee, frustrated husband and engineer, and eccentric college dropout try to build a PC to battle with IBM, set in the 80’s

All the technology references and the main fact that it is based off of an actual IT historical event is just plain crazy awesome. Coming from AMC, the show definitely reeks of the dark, brooding nature of mad men with analogies and symbolism flying around. Yes, I find myself Alt+Tab-ing every now and then during “scary” scenes. Most would actually give up on this show on the outset (probably partly due to the disturbing feeling one will get after each episode haha) but I am sticking with it because I’m still rooting for a win for anyone (spoiler: nothing right is happening in the show) and Lee Pace. Yes. Lee Pace of Pushing Daisies.

Here’s the Season 1 trailer (Season 1 has three episodes left; not sure if this will be renewed but I sure hope so):

4) Surviving Jack

One-liner description: Controlling dad tries to manage his 2 kids: a dorky dude, and a popular pretty girl, set in the 90’s

The comedy in this one is soooo Meki-type. It reminds me of the Nickelodeon live action shows–well, The Brothers Garcia specifically. I found myself liking all the characters (oddly) due to their own quirks and annoyances, and the show reminds me of my dad *sniff sniff*. While I somehow understand why the show got cancelled prematurely, I am still SADDENED that the plug has been pulled for Jack and the gang. I guess the Meki market is quite weird?

Here’s the Season 1 trailer (there are only 7 episodes so I’m sure you can finish the show in 1 sitting):

5) About a Boy

One-liner description: A man (who’s more of a boy) and a boy become neighbors, and an interesting friendship ensues

This is the ultimate revelation of 2014. My sister (Symphony) and I got so hooked to the show to the point that we’d battle each other on who can get to watch the show first. (I end up losing most of the time as she watches the new episode while I’m in the office.) All the characters in this show are just lovely. The story is just so adorable. And I end up wanting a Will (main character) in my life every week after the 20+ minutes that I’m fully invested in the lives of people in Will’s neighborhood. I shed tears in multiple moments of the show–the main ones being during the pilot (EPIC ENDING; and homage to the About a Boy movie/book), and the season-ender (TEARS TEARS TEARS HUHUHUHU I had to hug the baby nearest me). WATCH THIS. Seriously everyone. WATCH THIS.

Here’s the Season 1 first-look (Season 1 just ended; Season 2 will premiere in October):


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