Big Brother: Not the TV Show

Ahhh. I’m guessing that this will be relatively easy for me to do–to freewrite, that is-given that much of my actual speech and writing is just word vomit. I have lots of thoughts today, but the assignment asks us to not think about what to write, so my mind is basically confused on what to do. Hahahaha.

I’ve recently been tweeting a lot more than how often I used to when I was with my former workplace. I’m not sure what that’s supposed to translate into. Do I have more free time? Do I have more thoughts? Do I have more freedom to actually put those thoughts into writing? I think it’s a mixture of all three; nevertheless, I just enjoy having an outlet for my everyday (or every hour, or every minute) word vomit. Flooding on Twitter is a lot more acceptable than flooding on Facebook or posting one sentence blog posts every hour. Oh, and that reminds me that I had a blog post sometime in the past about microblogging. Interesting.

I’ve posted about a lot of my favorite people in the past, and I’ll post about the topic again right now ’cause I’m just so amused with my new favorite human being (other than Eeiapot, since she’s a staple). I met KJ (codenamed for his privacy) a year or two ago for a work initiative that I was leading. I think we met face-to-face just once but his name was always present in my emails and Powerpoint presentations. I left my job last year with us not even being acquaintances ’cause I really didn’t remember how he looked like–I just knew his name. I came back to the same company two months ago and was assigned to a project where he is also a part of. We’ve been working together a lot for the past weeks as he’s the technical lead for the said IT project that I’m managing. To cut the story short and get to the main point of him being my favorite person (NOT ROMANTICALLY. PLEASE, PEOPLE. HE IS MARRIED.), KJ is such an amusing character to me ’cause he seems to have the qualities that I’ve always wanted to have in an older brother. Despite our short period of knowing each other, I’ve grown FC (feeling close) with him and have told him various things about my life such as the following:

  • The real reason why I resigned from the company
  • The real reason why I returned to the company
  • My dislike (or love-hate relationship) with IT
  • My fears about not being good enough
  • My frustrations about project management
  • My extended menstrual period (HAHAHA)
  • My planned resignation that did not push through
  • My annoyance towards someone I work with on a project
  • And the list goes on…

I’ve asked him as well about matters in his life–though they haven’t gotten really personal yet. Note to self: Ask KJ what his biggest fear in life is. I randomly gave him a granola bar last week for listening to my 3 am ranting session the night before. And he has called me tita, ate and apo (aunt, older sister, granddaughter), depending on how late he is with his deliverables. We have some friendly banter, and he just made an FC joke towards me a few hours ago. It’s hilarious. We end work conversations in text speak (e.g. LaTerRzZ). Oh, and I tell him all my jokes–which he has to listen to, given that I am his PM hahaha. Just kidding. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that all this sibling chemistry is influenced by the fact that we have to work together, but I really do hope that we can remain friends after the project. I think I mention him a lot in random conversations with other workmates, and I always think of what he’d say when I have a funny moment or an emotional thought. That said, I am glad to have found a big brother/new favorite friend in KJ (though the feeling is probably not mutual ’cause I am just a slavedriver to him hwahaha). Side note: I always have a favorite friend at work–e.g. Frond Mark and Kian–both of whom I miss!)

Well, I guess I don’t have to say that I do NOT have an older brother. Yet, I have had someone who was a staple “big brother image” in our family (despite our lack of blood connection of any sorts). I think part of the reason why I got amused with KJ is that this said staple person has been MIA for the past few months after getting himself a girlfriend. Sheesh. It really sucks to be CBF-ed (CBF = Chicks before friends). I had a random moment with my sister when we were talking about SP (staple person, new codename) and I just randomly realized then that I really loved him–not in any romantic way, but as his “sister”. I know that no matter what he has done, when he comes back to my life, I’ll be welcoming him with open arms. (Though I highly doubt that he will come back into my life.) I have negative thoughts about this issue as well, but that topic is for another day.

Do you have a big brother? If you do, how is life with one? If you don’t, would you have wanted to have one?


5 thoughts on “Big Brother: Not the TV Show

  1. Angela Leese says:

    Part of me did always want an older brother, someone to show me the ropes and beat up people who messed with me. Well, not beat up (I’m a pacifist) but maybe threaten. Instead, I have a brother just younger than me who’s certainly the wiser one but still younger.

  2. DLJordan says:

    I want a Big Bro so badly. It sometimes is depressing. I have a smaller brother and a smaller sister (smaller meaning younger) and yet I feel like I need a big brother. I am the one my siblings look up to in the family, but where is that for me? They take joy in my opinions about certain things are that they do, but where is MY joy? Where is my best friend? Why didn’t my parents birth someone before me?!! The questions go on.
    But all that to say, I can be happy without an older bro…but it sure would be nice to have one.

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