Music and Lyrics: Songs That Mean Something to Me

I’ve posted about this topic numerous times in the past (or talked to you guys about it in person), but I will forever find this to be an interesting item to write about.

I am tasked to post 3 important songs in my life and what they mean to me–which is, of course, a VERY DIFFICULT thing to do, as I’ve previously pointed out. Then again, I think I can still point out some songs which have left an indelible mark in my heart. Side note: I am not including Christian songs anymore because I am just generally in love with all Christian songs (well, almost). They have become my method of worship and expression to the One I truly love the most–Jesus.

Going back, here’s the list of my 3 songs–and, to clarify, this does not in any way indicate that they are my “top 3” songs. They just happen to be the ones I can remember to be relevant.

1) For the First Time – The Script

Ah. Love. I just had to include this song ’cause it reminds me of a certain phase in my life when I was confused and jaded, and fighting for a “love” that I thought was true. #emo That said, I love this song because it creatively tells of the struggles and pains of relationships (something we don’t hear often about in music, except for the already extreme case of heartbreak). At the same time, it showcases the power of love to overcome challenges and how each obstacle in the journey is a chance to give the relationship a fresh start.

Fine. Yes. It reminds me of a certain person.

My favorite lines: Oh these times are hard. Yeah, they’re making us crazy. Don’t give up on me baby.


2) Make it Mine – Jason Mraz

This song reminds me of freedom, fun, and France! Ahhh. Our exchange student stint theme song is just reminiscent of train rides, tourist spot visits, and being dorks in Europe. During our 4-month stay, I got my friend Denver addicted to Jason Mraz. Such a feat!

My favorite lines: And I am finally there, and all the angels they’ll be singing “ah la la la, ah la la la, I la la la la love you”…


3) So Impossible – Dashboard Confessional

Ahhhhhhhh. College and the crushes that came with it. This song will always be close to my heart ’cause I gained appreciation for it when my then college crush told me that this was his favorite Dashboard Confessional song. It was quite nice to get more familiarity on the song because of him, and in the end, it became not just a favorite of mine but also of my sister–that, I attribute to playing the song on repeat everyday when I was obsessed with said college crush.

My favorite lines: (Do you like) waiting through all your bad, bad days just to end them with someone you care about? Do you like making out, and long drives, and brown eyes, and guys that just don’t quite fit in? Do you like them? So yes, I’ll see you there.


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