An Extrovert’s Corporate Problems

I trudge to my work cubicle and check on the Writing 101 prompt for today. It asks me to go to a public place and document my observations–I take a deep breath, filled with utmost disappointment that the only sights I will see today are my home and the office (well, and the roads I’ll pass through while in transit). There is a certain unrest in the office today–with eerie silence, random bursts of noise (from me most of the time), and plenty of vacant seats.

Beside me is my teammate, who is gawking at his laptop’s screen and fixing some Powerpoint slides. He is all dressed up today for a video shoot–long-sleeved button-up shirt tucked to his slacks and folded to his elbows. It is a radiant shade of red with stripes, and is giving me nostalgic thoughts about Christmas. At 8 pm on any other day, our area would be filled with boisterous laughter and inside jokes that are not so inside anymore as the whole area is able to hear. Today though, we just gape on these 15″ radiation emitters as we mind our own business and work on our separate spaces.

To my far right is one of our project tech leads who seems to be absorbed with work, too. His eyes and his body (as you can tell even from afar) are focused on his machine and his work to be done. He has told me in the past that the amount of energy he expends when speaking with people is a lot more compared to when he is in silence. With that, I assume that he is enjoying his alone time as his usual seatmates are not around.

To my far front is another project tech lead whose hair is the only thing I see from my usual POV. I have a theory that he lives in the office, since I never see him NOT there in his seat. (That is hyperbole, if you are not aware.) I can tell that he is hooked with what he is doing–which I assume is coding, since we have a deadline this week that we are trying to chase. He has told me in the past that he LOVES coding and would rather do it over anything else that he might be assigned with for work. I would like to assume that he is also enjoying today (vs. the past weeks when we were doing documentation).

The rest of the people–about 10 out of 40 available seats–are quiet and have their eyes glued to their screens. Nobody is groaning, telling a joke, standing up to go to the bathroom, or talking to his/her seatmate. Today, each one has his/her own thing, and this just does not work for an extrovert like me.

I cannot wait for my 9 pm meeting.


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