Meki 365: Mysterious Me

Because I miss writing (cue corporate awww…) I am going to attempt to OBLIGE myself to post daily via the 365 Days of Writing Prompts by The Daily Post. Side note: I am seriously in awe of how awesome The Daily Post is. Each time I drop by the site, I get encouraged to blog more. Mission accomplished, I guess.

Here’s the July 3 prompt:

Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

Sooo, my blog challenge welcomes me with a tough question. Being an “open book”, questions like this always stump me. My least favorite ice breaker is anything along the lines of “give us one fun fact about you”. I really end up giving a crappy answer; the crappiest of which that I remember is this:

I once listened to David Cook’s version of Always Be My Baby 100 times consecutively.

And I even shared that “fun fact” for a Philosophy class. Way to make a first impression!

Yet, fine. Since we’re in the digital age and it has almost been 10 years since I graduated from high school, I’ll share a not-so-fun fact: I had weight/eating issues in college that almost brought me to borderline anorexia.

I used to be a 200-ish pound kid, and because of insecurity, I signed up for gym membership some time in college to shed some pounds. It was quite effective–since my conscience bothered me on the gym membership cost, I spent 4-5 hours in the gym. I lost weight eventually but it was never enough. I didn’t want to eat, afraid that I would gain back all the weight in one meal. I would ask people ALL THE TIME if I looked fat. A simple “Uy, tumaba ka” (trans. “Hey, you got fat”) comment, despite being said jokingly, would make me skip all my meals–except for one cheese waffle in the afternoon–and go crazy in the gym for hours. It was insane, and it was not good for me.

The moral of this story, thus, is that we should not make quick quips on people who are “too fat” or “too thin”. We do not know if they are struggling. May our society soon get over outward appearances–or maybe just get over our issue with weight and focus instead on health. Also, please don’t comment about my weight in a degrading manner. (Yes, I already gained back 75% of the weight that I lost.) It makes me reaaaally sad.


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