Meki 365: Mirror, Mirror

Today’s prompt:

Finish this sentence: “When I look in the mirror, I . . .”

I make a wacky face, then smile. And I seriously quickly utter a quick thank you to God for creating me this way–yes, flaws and all :)



On another note, I just got home from a night with my favorite office friends (Twish, Lemuel and DL) to watch Bituing Walang Ningning the Musical @ Newport Performing Arts Theater. The last time I saw a performance there was for The Sound of Music, so this was a welcome break. Also, there’s no limit for a self-confessed jologs human being. I didn’t fall asleep while watching, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. I’m glad I got to watch it with good friends though :)

My key takeaway from the whole thing is how BEAUTIFUL the lyrics are of Bituing Walang Ningning the song. Especially the chorus:

Balutin mo ako ng hiwaga ng iyong pagmamahal
Hayaang matakpan ang kinang na ‘di magtatagal
Mabuti pa kaya’y maging bituing walang ningning
Kung kapalit nito’y walang paglaho mong pagtingin
Itago mo ako sa lilim ng iyong pagmamahal
Limutin ang mapaglarong kinang ng tagumpay
Sa piling mo ngayon ako’y bituing walang ningning
Nagkukubli sa liwanag ng ating pag-ibig

I can just imagine this to be my song with the Lord. It perfectly captures how we can have everything in the world, yet it is all trash compared to a relationship with Jesus. Lovely, lovely truth.


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