Meki 365: Strange Land

Today’s prompt:

What’s your favorite part about visiting a new place — the food? The architecture? The people watching?

Such a timely question for my Malaysia trip next week with Micah, my church friend :) My go-to items whenever I travel are the following:

  • Food – I love discovering new food or “authentic versions” of food whenever I go out of the country. Case in point: THAILAND AND VIETNAM. Ugh. Made me fall in love with sticky rice w/ mangoes and pho.
  • Sights – I’m not really a “tourist” type but I do like seeing new things as I tend to get bored with the standard view I get when I go to the office and travel back home.
  • Culture – I always make sure to do the “weird” stuff whenever I travel. Sure, I do the standard tourist stuff (as they are standard for a reason),  but I also do random things like watch a movie when in Berlin — whuuuut.
  • Rest – The only time I would want to take a vacation is when I am tired. So rest, please. Lots of it.

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