Meki 365: Yawn

Today’s prompt:

What bores you?

Oooooh what a touchy question. I’m going to apply this to my take on romantic relationships and crushes — just so I could have my whole self-psychoanalysis documented.

I’m an MBTI freak. I love reading about MBTI stuff ’cause they mostly (90% of the time) reflect real life. And, being a borderline ENFP/ENFJ, this post definitely hit home.

How do you attract someone of my personality type? It says —

ENFP: Flirt with them once and then act completely unattainable. ENFPs love a challenge.

ENFJ: Act like the stereotypical bad boy/bad girl but show glimpses of deep emotion– they’ll clamor to figure you out and bring out the best in you.

Yup, I’m basically attracted to mystery and to challenge. I am VERY VERY easily bored when things are too easy and predictable (just in relationships; not really applicable to all life aspects). I like being kept on my toes — having me wondering what’s next. I don’t think this is good for me at all though, since yes, I do tend to fall for the bad guys. And yes, I do have a short attention span.

Maybe I should shift personalities? Is that even possible? Is my questioning of my personality a result of my binge-watching Humans this weekend? Did you watch that show? It’s very brilliant, no?


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