Meki 365: Smell You Later

Today’s prompt:

Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you.

Ask anyone I’ve been hanging out with for more than a month, and they’d attest to how much I have a thing about smells. (I also have a thing about haircuts, but that’s for another blog post.)

Back in high school, I had a senior year friend who smelled soooo good that when our adviser had the whole class change seating arrangements, I practically begged him to sit beside me so that I could sniff him all the time. I think he used to wear Human’s Illegal scent. (OT: I felt a little giddy when I typed “Human’s” heeheehee. I’m still a little obsessed with Humans as I just finished watching the season.)

Nowadays, my two kinda closest office guy friends have also made their mark on me via their scents. One of them has this very boyish and clean smell, which I like very much to the point of me sniffing him randomly whenever we’re hanging out. Also, when I recently borrowed his jacket, I took the liberty of taking in the aroma the whole time the item of clothing was with me. The other one has a very bad-boy, manly smell — a mixture of cigarettes, beer, and fun. While I’ve never really liked the smell of yosi, there’s just something about how it mixes with his natural scent that makes it quite appealing. Yup, I’m that weird sniffer (is there such a thing?) in a group of friends.

My favorite scent in the whole world, however, is this smell inside certain elevators that reminds me of my time in Lille. I think I’ve blogged about it before, but I can’t help talking about how my stomach literally aches whenever I get a whiff of this scent. I can’t completely describe what it smells like but I sense some presence of newly cleaned carpets and bleach. I could like all other scents in the world (e.g. my HS friend’s, my officemates’, petrichor, etc) but there’s nothing else that takes me to a different space and a different time other than this one. It always feels as if I am back in France, and it’s only 2008, and life is so much simpler than it is now.


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