Meki 365: Tears

Today’s prompt:

Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

It’s quite obvious from my blog title that I’m a sucker for music. Other people often brag about the depth of their technical knowledge about music (i.e. the timbres, tempos, etc.) and I applaud them for that — it was my post-college dream to be a music producer after all. However, music and I just have a…thing. Do you know those people whom we just have the perfect chemistry with? You can’t explain why — you don’t even have the same interests at times — but it just clicks. That is how I describe Meki and music.

My mother would attest that one of my most famous lines in the world is this: “That’s my favorite!” I use it on lots of TV shows, movies, and yes, even songs. I guess this is the case ’cause I have a different definition of what it means to have something as a favorite. To me, the title is given to something that is able to connect with me and touch me on an emotional level — and though I’m such an ENFP/ENFJ (a.k.a. heart on my sleeves all the time), it’s still such a beautiful moment for me whenever my heart is tugged by something I watch or hear.

I cannot count with my hands the number of times that I had to share a certain song with someone just because my heart felt like it was going to explode with the beauty it has encountered. My sister, Harmony, is usually my victim who ends up sharing the same sentiment towards the song. (Side note: We had an amusing moment this weekend. I randomly burst into El Scorcho while I was looking for something to wear. Harmony joins me in a capella singing and we end up finishing the song. Pat on the back for myself for influencing my sisters to like good music.)

I remember how I was teary-eyed when I heard Zedd’s Find You for the second time. The first one was when Harmony shared it with me on Facebook — but I just ignored and didn’t like it. I randomly had a Zedd phase, however, and you’d hear me just bust into random lines from his songs. I couldn’t contain it — I encountered beauty and my heart couldn’t suppress it, I needed to share!

The most recent teary-eyed/life-is-so-wonderful moment, however, was with John Mayer. I don’t know how anyone can get through these videos without their eyes getting all wet at the beauty of music:


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