Meki 365: Freaky Friday

Today’s prompt:

You experience your own Freaky Friday, and switch bodies with someone you love/hate. Tell us what happens.

I wake and realize that I am in Taylor Swift’s body! I look around and I am in her New York apartment. I look at the view outside and think to myself — THIS IS THE LIFE. I rummage Taylor’s closet for something adorbs to wear, then I rummage her fridge — I am guessing that she has good taste in food. I am tempted to say that I will donate money to my church back in the Philippines, and buy a house there and name after myself hahahahahaha but that it is evil. I’ll just call up Calvin Harris instead and break up with him, then call John Mayer and apologize for how much of a low-blow Dear John was…and yes, ask to have him back. Yeeeaaaaaaaahhhh.

Long story short, I would just probably take advantage of TSwift’s social network. I’m such a boring individual even in the body of another person. #bleh

tumblr_njuw8r36fz1u7382xo1_500 you-belong-with-me


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