Meki 365: Humans Eat Food

Today’s prompt:

Scribble down the first ten words that come to mind. Pick three of them. There’s your post title. Now write!

My random words are: Take, Nothing, Music, Cupcake, Food, Body, Humans, Breathe, Movie, Eat

Because I am feeling a little hungry today, I chose the words “Humans eat food” — though I honestly have no idea what to write about. Maybe my favorite restaurants/foodie places nowadays? Okay! Great idea!

  1. Lucky’s – Aha. My staple dinner place. Visit Lucky’s at Tuscany here in Mckinley Hill for the best ever serving of bacon that you can get :) It’s unhealthy, yes, but it’s sooooo gooooood! Usual order: Bacon and egg
  2. Nihonkai Tsukiji – When I have spare money (which is rare), I eat in this Jap place at Tuscany. The ambiance is lovely, and of course I order the most sulit meal which has tuna and salmon sashimi, tofu, katsu, salmon, miso soup and rice! Usual order: Makunochi Bento
  3. Mad Mark’s – I crave for Mad Mark’s every day of my life. Food is soooo freakin’ good. Usual order: Creole grilled chicken + Walnut cinnamon ice cream
  4. Grissini – Good Italian food in Marikina, finally! No usual order yet ’cause I’m not yet a regular but I liked the squid ink risotto and the sansrival cake.
  5. House of Burgis – Most delicious burger I’ve ever tasted! No usual order yet ’cause I’m not yet a regular but I loved the angus beef half-pound burger!!

The end. #thisiswhyimfat


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