Meki 365: The Full Moon

Today’s prompt:

When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.

Say hello to the new Meki! Let’s get to know her more:

  • She’s petite – just 5’1″ in height and with a very lanky figure
  • She has fair skin – pwedeng model ng Skin White
  • She is prim and proper – very dalagang Filipina, full of good manners and etiquette
  • She’s quiet and shy – in Tagalog, ‘di makabasag-pinggan
  • She is very girly – shopping and putting on make up is her favorite past time
  • She is very agreeable – not much opinions on anything, just agrees to whatever is presented; actually she doesn’t even agree, she just sits there and listens
  • She is asexual – no crushes, no love interest, nadah!
  • She has sooooo many girl friends – maybe she’s allergic to guys?
  • She knows nothing about pop culture – her interests are leaning more to the areas of history, geography, social studies and the like
  • She eats in very very small portions
  • She hates writing and blogging – Meki is very mysterious and tends to keep to herself
  • She has an ISTP personality type

Okay, looking at the list, I think I’m happier with the way I am right now. Truly, God is wise!


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