Meki 365: Served

Today’s prompt:

What’s the most dreadful (or wonderful) experience you’ve ever had as a customer?

I am not in the mood to recall any experience from the distant past. Because of that, I will just talk about my experience today with Freshaire Salon in SM Marikina. I would like to commend their staff for being friendly, efficient and professional! :) I entered their door and went straight to the receptionist/counter. The wonderful lady immediately accommodated me and asked what she can help with. I asked how much their haircut + blowdry + shampoo package was, and she answered me quickly (it was Php230, FYI). When I asked if someone was available to service me, she quickly referred me to one of the more lovely ladies, who then sat me in front of a mirror and made kalikot my hair asking what style I’d like. She made input about how I should not cut my hair to my shoulders because the strands would fly away, etc. She marked where my hairline was at the back, and we decided to cut my hair up to that length. She then referred me to another lady who shampooed my hair. I love that she was quiet but cheery (compared to boisterous and loud people from other salons), and how she joined me in conversation when I brought up #AlDub. After the gentle and soothing shampooing (and chikas about Alden and Yaya Dub), we went back to the stylist (Ate Alma). Ate Alma sectioned and portioned my hair, layering it meticulously. I LOVE HOW SHE DID NOT RUSH THE STYLING. I had a haircut earlier this year @ David’s Salon and I was done in 5 minutes. Ate Alma was very careful and confident, and she also welcomed my silly questions every now and then. She also was very professional, without the annoying banter and daldal. Made my stay in their salon so much worth the money. After the cut, she gave me a shoulder massage, and obliged to my request to see what my hair looked like from the back.

Guys, seriously, go visit Freshaire for a nice haircut and for nice people. They obviously did not pay me to post this (’cause this is a terrible blog post) but they deserve the commendation.


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