Meki 365: We can be taught!

Today’s prompt:

What makes a teacher great?

I honestly don’t know how to enumerate the things that make a teacher great without having to reference to my favorite teachers.

  • Fr. Nemy Que – Other than giving me my first ever A in Philo and giving me the scare of my life by joking about me missing my oral exam appointment by 30 min, Fr. Nemy stands out to me for being very creative in his methods (we watch HOUSE in class!!!), being very understanding (he still allowed me to sign-up for orals even if I missed the sign-up day for no important reason), and being very excellent in making sure that his idea comes across (I understand Ethics lessons!!!). I make sure to recommend him to every kid I know.
  • Sir Millard Lim – He successfully made me interested in PolSci. THAT IS A HUGE FEAT. He teaches in a fun manner and always makes sure that we understand what he’s teaching. I looked forward to POS classes back then, thanks to his interesting quips as well about current events.
  • Ma’am Didith – My first ever “mother” in college who always gives me (and everyone else) the tough love that we need, which she counters by giving us chocolates :)
  • Sir Calculus from HS – I forgot his name, kakaisip ko lang kanina. He was only with us for about a month, but he was so good with teaching and with relating to us that we ended up visiting him in his new school. Awww.
  • Ma’am Queena Lee-Chua – BEST MATH TEACHER IN THE WORLD.
  • Ma’am Kara – The woman who is to blame for why I fell in love with psychology back when I was in senior year in HS. I remember wanting to be like her. She was firm but gentle when needed. She also made learning fun through applications and activities. She also told me before I took a personality test that she was observing me throughout the sem (of AJSS) and think that I’ll get “dramatic-erratic” as my result — which I did.
  • Ma’am Antonio from FCS – She wasn’t really my teacher. She was my principal — and she was the only person who I knew genuinely believed in me at a time when I was questioning myself.

I have lots of friends who are teachers, and hearing about their stories & witnessing their hardwork first-hand makes me forget about the not-so-good teachers I had in the past. Despite their lack of genuine care for their students (like me huhu), I still salute them for all their efforts. Teachers, you deserve all the respect in the world. We literally won’t be where we are now without you.


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