Meki 365: Practice Makes Perfect

Today’s prompt:

Tell us about a talent you’d love to have…but don’t.

I’ve always wanted to be good with singing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not tone deaf and I can usually sing in the correct tune, but it’s just not my…talent. My singing is limited to random bursts of joy in the office, or videoke visits.

Whenever I see (or hear) people who sing really well, I get a little jealous. I always say that if I had their voice, I’d be singing every moment of my life. Really. I’d do that. If only I had the voice of Dia Frampton, or Mia Rose, or Camyl Besinga, or Armi Millare, or Barbie Almalbis, or Lougee Basabas, I’d join every singing contest, cover all the songs that I like and post the videos on Youtube, sing in every karaoke bar, volunteer for a special number every Sunday, and record lots of demos which I will distribute to all labels and radio stations.

The law of compensation should kick in, though. So no singing talent for me.


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