Meki 365: Non Sequitur

I will take this opportunity to tell you that I had an interesting weekend. Let me narrate the events:


Armed with a broken heart and a desire to prove to myself that I can be independent, I went to SM Marikina to get a haircut (which I liked and already blogged about) and to watch Heneral Luna by myself. It was so much fun to watch alone. I reacted without much care about seatmates, and eventually got so pissed at Emilio Aguinaldo. Mon Confiado’s performance affected me so much (I seriously wanted to curse at his character on screen — and maybe I did that oops) that I had to search for him on Facebook to tell him about it. To my surprise, after a few minutes, he replied!


We exchanged a few more chats afterwards where he basically shared with me their itinerary for the next day.


After having our Care Circle, I had second thoughts about going to Market Market to watch Heneral Luna again, not because I don’t want to rewatch it but because it’s sooooo far. Yet, I am a person who follows through on my word, so I decided to text Mer and check if she’s up for a meet-up and to watch the movie. She was game! Woohoo. I rode an Uber and went to Taguig.

While Mer and I were having ice cream while waiting for the movie, Mon and I exchanged some chats again, to my surprise and amusement.


Such a nice guy, this guy. He was even the one looking for me! LOL. We eventually went up to the cinemas and finally saw him. Just when I was going to chika with him though, he got pulled away and had to shake hands with all the moviegoers. I settled for a photo op, just to finally have proof of our meet-up hahaha.


The funny thing is that we still go to chat afterwards. He made chika about the next two films (Goyong + Manuel Quezon — please watch!!!) and even taught me some history. LOL.

It’s so cool that Mon is an over-all nice guy. What a weekend.

Oh and today’s prompt (BWAHAHAHAHA):

Write a post about anything you’d like, but be sure to include this sentence somewhere in the final paragraph: “He tried to hit me with a forklift!”


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