That Moment When I Write About My Guy Friends Again

I’m typing this blog post while I’m staring at one of my best guy friends who happens to be here at home @ 4 am to just tambay with me and my sisters while my mom is out. Just a few hours ago, with his trusty motorcycle, he drove to the nearest convenience store to buy pancit canton and chips, then helped my sister in cooking our post-midnight snack. An hour after downing the pancit, he then served me with a mug of ice cream. Man, I love this guy. He’s totally able to meet my “acts of service” love language expectations.

Last last Saturday, I went out with a guy friend for dinner and chika. We literally walked around Eastwood as if we were on a field trip, which was kinda funny ’cause that place is almost our second home with how often we visit. What was amusing was our pre-Eastwood moment though. Said friend accompanied me @ Riverbanks to have my phone fixed. While waiting for the repair guys to give me their diagnosis of my sucky phone, said friend and I talked about life and Survivor. Fun and simple times.

Last Saturday, I spent an evening with my blockmates as we visited one of our friends in her new condo. After that, my ultimate boys and I headed to Eastwood for videoke and kwentuhan until 5:30 am. One of them booked an Uber car for me on the way home and when I asked how much it costed, he replied that it’s already his treat.

Last Monday, while I was packing my stuff, I heard someone calling out my name. I looked back and saw that apparently another one of my favorite guy friends was just working in the row behind me all this time. I asked him if he wanted to help me carry my stuff, and he obliged, helping me lug the heavy office banners not just to the lobby but even until I boarded the cab.

Earlier today, one of my new guy friends reminded me that I owed him 50 pesos while we were at Dunkin’ Donuts and I was making palibre. He volunteered (or maybe he just had no choice hahahahaha) for me to use the 50 pesos as his treat :)

I love it when guys I befriend don’t become assuming and feelingero, and realize that I just enjoy being friends with them. My extra-friendliness (via hugs, pacutes, palibres, etc) is not because I like them romantically, but because I’m comfortable talking to them and being myself with them. It’s one of the best feelings in the world when a guy friend I treasure shows me that I am treasured back. I think may be even better than knowing that a crush is crushing back on me. Guy friends are the best*. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of them.

* Shout out to my girl friends (Twish, Karuh, Rai, Tina, Mooch, Daphine, Babeng, etc)! You are the best too, in your own way :p


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