HELLO 2016, GOODBYE 2015

What’s with this year? The days felt like they passed by so quickly, yet so many things happened. And “so many” is even an understatement.

When I started 2015, my one word was REJOICE — and indeed, this year has been filled with lots of joys and lots of opportunities where I am so sad/pained that I learned to appreciate those joys. (Hehe!) I think relationships has been a prime focus of mine this year, albeit subconsciously. I made a lot of new friendships, developed ones that I thought were impossible, rekindled some that were almost dead, and deepened ones that already existed.

I liked the year all in all. If I could go back and change one thing though, it would be my relationship with the Lord. It could’ve been better–that, I honestly know. It’s something that I choose not to “regret” though, but just take as an important lesson for the coming year, as my new over-all goal is to be WELL in all aspects of my life.

That said, I am thankful to God for getting me through 2015. It was (and still is ’cause I still have 2.5 days) crazy awesome. I’d like to think that I’ve matured a lot as I was frequently taken out of my comfort zone–for work, for the family, for friendships, etcetera. Amidst all that, an important thing I am grateful for is that I did not have lengthy bouts of being emotional/sad. God continued to give me JOY in both valleys and mountains throughout the year.

Over-all Highlights:

– Finished my non-cancelled project with a good CSAT! Woohoo! And, I survived my new role at work. I shifted gears from being an execution PM to being a pre-sales PM. I thought it would be much easier, but alas, it has its own share of challenges. Thank you God for helping me survive!

– Had 4 major crushes, which I all eventually got over.

– Met my annual goal of travelling to 2 local spots and 1 international spot. Visited Bohol, Puerto Princesa and Malaysia this year! My itchy feet full of wanderlust are happy :)


– Built a lovely friendship with the crew! They are among my favorite people of the year. It’s such an odd group–really, I never imagined that I’d be friends with my developers and my client manager. We don’t take too many pics, but I think I may have spent 20-30% of my free time this year with these guys :) Love you all, and I hope you know that. (Special shout-out to DL: Thank you for being there for me always, even if you bully me all the time.)


– Had Toti back in our family :) I don’t want to go all sentimental here, but this guy has a special place in my heart. Disregarding the fact that I used to have a crush on him (he has somehow managed to remind me about this recently), Toti is someone who has helped me learn how to truly love. There have been multiple times when I’ve been disappointed with him (I’m sure he also gets annoyed with me), but I end up wanting what’s best for him nonetheless. I thought that that kind of love is only possible for people of my blood, but Toti has proven that otherwise. He is indeed like family.


– Experienced excellent Pinoy film artistry c/o Heneral Luna. Since I watched the movie, each film-watching (especially if a Pinoy movie) becomes a comparison to Heneral Luna. It seriously is the best Pinoy movie ever (for me). It doesn’t hurt that the people in the movie are also extra nice in person :)


– Revived my love for Silent Sanctuary, my favorite OPM band since way back :) I tried to recall how I ended up attending their gigs again, and I can somehow pinpoint it to a random night when I had a chat with one of them and I realized that I hadn’t seen them play in a while. And I think what’s even more awesome is that I got some other friends to appreciate them more, too :)


– I didn’t think that I’d be as close with my team in the office as I am right now. Last year, when I came back to HP, I was struggling to connect with everyone. This year though, it’s been great! I think it helped that I was again sitting with my teammates instead of in a war room :) I really love our team. Being with them is like eating a tub of jellybeans with how varied the personalities are. PS: We have too many pictures and I couldn’t fit them in 1 collage, so I am just selecting the ones that I spotted first :p


– I had lots of ministry opportunities using my gift. I organized the MMND Conference, the MMND FSY Retreat, Uno’s Birthday, and Titus’ Birthday! Even in the office, I was involved in events :) And of course, I still had my regular Program Coordination assignment every Sunday. Gotta love using what the Lord has given me!


– I got a fracture. My key takeaway is that I will take care of my bones moving forward. I will never put myself in that situation again. It’s such a pain (on the onset), a struggle (during the cast season), and a hassle (during the PT sessions).


– Eeiapot remained to be the #1 person in my life. Hihihihihi. Love this baby forever!!!



If you don’t mind reading a VERY VERY LONG post that took me literally an entire day to write, let’s take a look at what happened to my life each month this 2015:

JANUARY – A Month of Building


  • Spent my birthday with an unplanned gala with some FSY friends to watch Kubot, eat @ Greenwich, sing in a videoke booth, and eventually end up at home for One More Chance, charades, chikahan, sleep, and then a McDo breakfast the next day. Since we were so clingy, we decided to the Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain the following day.
  • Began the year with a good friendship built with Kuya Jase, Jay, Lemuel and DL (aka my F4) :) If you read my 2014 review, you’ll know that these guys are the developers from my crazy project. Kuya Jase gifted me with a CBTL planner for 2015 and I was deeply touched as to me, it was a confirmation that he also valued our friendship.  These 4 guys were my rock during the first month of the year @ work. I don’t know how I could’ve survived without them. Especially Kuya Jase (who eventually left my project by month-end).
  • Also started being closer to Twish and Ge — and this friendship started from our random Japanese resto trip @ SM Aura during a Spain holiday.
  • Had a late Christmas dinner with the block @ the black-and-red resto in Eastwood where I never thought I’d eat. The fun thing about this is that we ended up at Liban’s place afterwards. It felt so college.
  • Joined the church planning @ Camp Benjamin. Too intense. Whenever I think about what happened then, I wish I reacted differently. Anyway, during the time that I was out, our project got escalated so many levels up. I am in awe with how God was able to give me peace at that time. I did not shed even a single tear during that season.
  • I had a crush on someone, and had my heart broken as he liked someone else. Immediately realized that it was NOT A LOSS AT ALL for me and I was just blinded by my having a crush from realizing the stuff I didn’t like about him.


  • Attended the company gala in Ateneo and caught up with Doc VP V and finally met Fr. Jett :)
  • Toti started hanging out with us again :) Yehey! Love the guy forevs.
  • Started to have Eeiapot at home for overnight. I think there was never a month throughout the year when we didn’t have her over for a sleepover or at least brought her out for a trip to the mall. Still our favorite human being :)
  • Book: Don’t Waste Your Life

FEBRUARY – A Rollercoaster Month


  • Visited Bohol (first time for me) with AJ and Moochie! It was and still is the most relaxing trip I’ve ever taken — probably mainly because I did not make any plans and left it up to my tripmates.
  • I had a crush on some guy friends and it confused me terribly. No need to expound.
  • Continued to have struggles with work — especially since Kuya Jase wasn’t around to tolerate my stupid tech questions. Yet, this was a time when my friendship with DL and Lem blossomed as we had to go through the rough patches of the project together. Got a bit closer with DL though as we had a DuoLingo session, and he gave me an SE rose yeheyyyy, and he shared some life/love stories with me. Aw.
  • I was friends with the two guys so much that I watched That Thing Called Tadhana with them (+ drank wine at Jack’s Loft after). The movie was a big hit. I watched it twice in the cinema; the first being with Ate Jezreel on a random weekday morning.
  • My Portal friends, Hans and Ten, got married!!!!! :)
  • One of my two projects got cancelled. It was crazy. I got the call while I was in Bohol and had a bittersweet feeling afterwards.
  • Since the project was cancelled, we decided to have an offsite @ Duplex Hot Spring Resort in Pansol with the project team. It was a GREAT experience which solidified my friendship with most project people (esp. Twish, Lem, DL, Mer and Cheska) but it was made even more memorable by the fracture I got from slipping on the floor. Thumb got broken.
  • Upon getting home from the offsite, I was to share about Dry Bones during Team Night. Exciting and very God-ordained.


  • Leveled up in my friendship with the #Usi gang as we had our first ever group eat-out at KPub!
  • Had a CC Leaders huddle at the start of the month, and met with my P&C Core team. Also had our ministry fair @ church!
  • Met up with the Inspire oldies @ Linden Suites for a boardgame night!
  • Kuya Albert came home and had dinner with him and the girls :)
  • SIN ROSTRO WAS FINALLY REVEALED. Jane The Virgin continued to rock my world.
  • Suits continued to leave me in awe. “You know I love you, Donna.” Dead.
  • About A Boy got cancelled. SUCKS SO MUCH. But I got to exchange tweets with Minnie Driver so yey, I guess?
  • Book: Travelling Light

MARCH – Slow Down!


  • Had my first ever operating room experience just to get a cast for my thumb. Crazy. Memorable. I felt like an athlete. Haha!
  • Sister graduated from college!!!!! TWO DOWN, TWO TO GO!!!!
  • Got close with my project team for the other project, thanks to numerous days of working overtime :\
  • Fell in deeper like with my office crush, but thankfully got distracted with work!
  • Started preps for the FSY retreat by shooting for our promo video @ Inspire. Got some virus while I was out; got sick upon going home from the shoot and felt as if I had extremis inside my body.
  • Began with my extreme addiction with Survivor 30. Fell in (cathartic) love with Mike Holloway who seemed to be my kind of guy :)


  • Continued to be friends with Lem and DL even after the project. Constantly Viber-ed with them. Started closer friendship with Twish too :) Began with our eat-outs which I did not regularly get to join due to my project.
  • Rai left for Europe :(
  • CC and C&G remained to be very worthwhile :)
  • Busy month for EE as we had themed Friday and the “summer” coffee talk where we gave away lots of doughnuts!
  • Got addicted to Zedd; what a late bloomer, I am
  • Loved Cristela and Fresh Off The Boat!

APRIL – Small Wins, Small Losses


  • STATIONS OF THE CROSS @ Marikina Bayan! Dream come true!!! I’ve always wanted to hold the interactive stations here in the East. It was amazing! God was indeed with us! Bonus activity: Had pleasant McDo trips with church friends after each day :)
  • Project was finally completed, after much adjustments of our go-live date! THANK YOU JESUS!!
  • Ate Ems got married! Helped out as on-the-day coordinator :) Fought with the wedding band hahahaha oops.
  • 2nd ever FSY Retreat! Loved our “Take the Plunge” theme! Met a lot of new friends and enjoyed organizing it :)
  • Got tweeted back by my Survivor crushes :) It’s quite a memorable one. Said that cute guys should stop being unreachable (and mentioned my Survivor 30 crushes) so they end up taking a group pic in real time  and tweeting me back that picture. Huhuhuhuhu. Love.
  • Organized Uno’s birthday/dedication! Yehey!


  • More frequent eat-outs which the crew :)
  • Visited Miggy’s exhibit @ Ermita! WHAT A FIELD TRIP with Dugs and Driz :) Ate @ Ying Ying afterwards so it’s good.
  • Started with my PT sessions!!! Such an athlete.
  • Dem’s Dubsmashing began :p
  • Got left at home while entire family was in Baguio to attend the Convention and perform The Witness
  • Visited the Catching the Fire camps (there were two–one per “area”) and got to reconnect with a former almost-flame

MAY – Boom!


  • My Survivor love — Mike Holloway — won Season 30!!!!! So well-deserved! He was all I could talk about on social media.
  • Watched the fireworks competition @ Riverbanks with FSY friends after the retreat; thanks to Coy’s unlimited supply of complimentary tickets. Ate at KFC Blue Wave afterwards. Had an awkward run-in with FY folks hahahaha.
  • Visited Inspire with some FSY friends and hung out at Maginhawa afterwards for food and lots of stories
  • Rekindled special friendship with a friend, but typical Meki backed off upon realizing her sky-high expectations
  • Had an almost complete CC session @ Jollibee :)
  • Revived and redesigned the MFGC website on my own! What a CS-related feat. Hahaha I want to pat myself on the back.
  • Experienced stomach flu for the first time in my entire life. I don’t like it!


  • Night outs with the crew becoming even more common :) Awww. Also had sweldinner with F4 @ Nihonkai :)
  • Chef Rabbi and boardgame night @ Nelvin’s with the blockies!
  • Ate Sherrie treated out the FSY Retreat team to Omakase yey!
  • Renalyn left for Dubai

JUNE – Slow, Emo Days


  • Learned how to play golf — and I was kinda good at it!
  • Started liking National Geographic, and I mean REALLY like
  • The girls (Philos, Aouie and Eeiapot) came to our house for a sleepover! It was so much fun!!! I felt like a kid again.
  • Had our FSY reunion and overnight fellowship :) Fun night!
  • Organized Titus’ birthday and dedication :)
  • Started visiting the ER again ’cause of my body pains
  • Got REALLY mad at Empot ’cause I was stuck outside the house for more than 30 minutes with a taxi driver waiting for me


  • Rina got married :) Deryk got married :)
  • Fell in love with my C&G group all over again
  • GSW won! #StephGonnaSteph
  • HOOQ and iFlix
  • Book: Not A Fan

JULY – Relationships, Relationships


  • Went to Malaysia (KL) with Micah! God was indeed with us and our photo-finish transpo feats (e.g. running to train stations, etc). We had a really good place to stay which had a view of the Petronas Towers for an affordable price. Also got to meet Debbie, my WV PM, who toured us @ Sunway and treated us out to good food :) Thankful to God for my international trip of the year!
  • Had project team celebration videoke @ ACE Hotel and then midnight snack with the #TitasOfMckinley (Tina, Twish, Mer, Lem and I) at Uncle Moe’s after
  • Watched Bituing Walang Ningning with the crew @ Resorts World thanks to the free tickets from Tina. Walked around BGC afterwards then settled @ Whistlestop. Fun times!
  • Fell in deep deep deep like with my office crush. I blame him for being paasa (and myself for making asa). Because of that season, I got even closer to DL, which I liked :)
  • Started to get really close with office friends :) Had a random midnight snack with Hansen and Denise, had VicTeam dinner @ BGC Square, had despedida/birthday thing with the team @ Wingman, had a Kapitolyo day out with office mini-clique + Daphine, had a night out @ Main Street + Dell’s with the boys, and had our Korean midnight trip @ Makati!
  • Somebody attempted to steal/kill the CCTV outside our home. Crazy! Thank you God for keeping us safe.


  • Spent the entire month obsessed with Mad Mark’s ice cream. Walnut cinnamon forever!!
  • Had a very random B&T dinner with Lem, DL, Mooch and Karuh. So weird. Hahaha! But we got to try out DL’s selfie camera thing so yey.
  • Also had a dinner out with C&G core friends :) Missed them!
  • Started friendship with Dana and Sandy and the EE folks :)
  • Got somehow addicted to rubber carving and making stamps. Thanks Karuh :p And also got addicted to the Trivia Game hahahahaha!
  • The most glorious moment of the NBA happened thanks to Deandre Jordan!
  • ER visit yet again :(
  • SUITS KILLED ME!! “I wanted to thank you…for 12 years.”
  • Book: Authentic Beauty

AUGUST – Rekindling


  • Care Circle went to Star City!!! Fun fun and CRAZILY got hilo with our last ride :p
  • Back to my gig life! Went to the Silent Sanctuary gig @ 12 Monkeys with Laysa :) Missed the boys so much.
  • Start of the AlDub fiasco!!! Yehey! Proud to have seen it since the start :P
  • FELL IN LOVE WITH SHERLOCK AND HUMANS. Best shows ever. Seriously. Ended up spreading Humans to the entire team bwahahaha.
  • Helped out a bit during the MMND Music Camp @ Capitol.
  • OneADM Coffee Talk @ Blue Leaf!
  • Friendship with the boys developed into weekend-labas levels. In fairness. Joined Lem (+ ADT boys) for a basketball weekend then ate at Yabu Rockwell after. (Sad lang, I was late for Team Night!) Fetched DL in his QC home and went to a shooting range with him after. Fuuuunnnn!!! My gun skills have improved. Also had lots of dinners and midnight snacks with DL during this month, apparently. Probably because we started sharing a cab home.
  • Started going out with the family + Toti more regularly :) I always enjoy having him around as it is my frustration to have an older brother.


  • Got addicted to Grissini!
  • We (The Philippines) lost to China for the FIBA 2019 bid. Sad.
  • HACF season ender! Show got even better over time!
  • Joined an Inspire@HP activity in Taguig and met a HS schoolmate, Cza :)
  • Had a UP Town Center dinner with Ate She and K’Josh where I stumbled upon Liban and Carlo Cruz. Small small world.
  • Kate’s birthday treat @ Chihuahua with PEx folks :)

SEPTEMBER – The Things We Do For Love (aka The Month When I Ate Too Much)


  • GOT IMMENSELY INFATUATED WITH HENERAL LUNA. I think this movie is at the top of my favorite movie list. I watched it 4 times in the cinema–alone, then with Mer, then with Toti and Ate Shing, then with Zaza and Denise. Also got to Facebook chat with Mon Confiado. It was cray.
  • Got a haircut ’cause I was heartbroken with office crush. Eventually had another crush (non-office) this month.
  • In fairness, attended another gig (albeit just a mall show) of Silent Sanctuary :) My little sisters finally met the boys in person :) And then, attended another one (with the crew this time) @ Saguijo during Jason’s birthday. Bawing-bawi ako sa dami ng taon na hindi ako nag-gig.
  • Wine night c/o Lala @ Terry’s as her farewell! First time to have that much fun with the team. It was awesome, though I had some regrets hehehehe. Had brunch @ Salcedo afterwards with PPM where I tasted the best dumplings in the universe.
  • Joined the HP Cup Scrabble tournament hahahahahaha. We got 3rd place. I was so involved as a yaya during the HP Cup as it was my task to purchase the refreshments for everyone. I even watched our team’s first basketball game!
  • Got to know my ITO teammates a bit more since we had a teammate from India with us — we ate out @ B&T then @ Yakimix. Donna also visited Manila with Gavin and Nicholas, so we had lots of eat-outs + videoke! (Oh, and Nicholas is love.)
  • Celebrated Twish’s birthday @ Niu with the crew :) It was a great night of food and stories, and of appreciating how we got to be friends :)
  • Tito Robin and Tita Bong came home!! Yey!!! Ate with them @ Vikings and also had Kanto breakfast :) Missed them, and enjoyed catching up very much!


  • Bellini’s with Karuh and Migoy, then went to the HP Cup opening after. Franz saved the day by letting us ride his car ’cause it suddenly rained hard. Ended up @ Estancia for mahabang kwentuhan.
  • Had lunch buffet at Niu with ADT EE as thanksgiving :)
  • Recovery Food with the crew + Joie hihihihi. This could be the start of something newwww.
  • FSY fellowship and FSY Sunday!
  • C&G grew during this month! Yehey!
  • UAAP season begins! Kiefer’s last season with us! Huhuhu.
  • Survivor S31: Second Chance begins!
  • Got Twish a birthday gift with the boys :) Yey!
  • The AlDub fever continues.

OCTOBER – Occupied (How Am I Still Alive After This Month)


  • Puerto Princesa trip with Lian and Coy! Finally, it pushed through! I enjoyed it because it was very relaxed and we all just wanted to take a break from work :) Sinadya ko, though, na ma-sunburn. So, yuh. Oooh, we also met a French lady during the trip :) (PS: The Iwahig fireflies thing was the most memorable nature-related thing of my life this year.)
  • In fairness again, attended a Silent Sanctuary gig, this time @ Zili. Wanted to go even if it was raining ’cause it was really near our home. Such an intimate gig. Probably the best gig I’ve ever been to because of how chill and relaxed it was, and also because I was seated with Sarkie and Kuya Allen (thanks Jason, ‘di mo lang alam gaano ako ka-starstruck kay Sarkie huhu). Also attended a Silent Sanctuary gig @ 70’s Bistro alone (sorta, ’cause I was with a stranger I just found on Twitter while I was searching for people who were going to the gig). Glad to have confirmed peace with one of the band guys via a hug for the mere reason that I felt bad after our slight online misunderstanding. Hehehehe. Groupie month, this is!
  • Started to get over my office crush, but they started to tease me with a new teammate, who doesn’t get affected by things. I love it. Kebs.
  • Joined the Inspire build with some teammates. It was the most tiring Inspire event I’ve ever attended. It was crazy. Ended up having to buy clothes @ SM North afterwards because of how dirty we were. Took a bath in the office and headed to Charlie’s @ Kapitolyo (where we met-up with Danez, Lem, AJ) to watch the Philippines vs. China Gilas game.
  • Team planning @ Eton, then had dinner @ Kuse afterwards, then videoke @ Music Match. Fun fun fun fun.
  • Started getting involved with legit pre-sales work. Demanded so much of my effort and time, but it was very much fulfilling and it allowed me to work with lots of new higher-ups. And by “demanded so much of my time”, I mean I started working 16-hour workdays again. My health probably deteriorated during this time ’cause my body clock got so messed up.
  • Organized the MMND Conference. I was only there during Day 1, but was very tired since I came from work and didn’t get sleep. Took a huge leap of faith and left Day 2 up to the team since I had to attend a planning session with TC+. I came late anyway, so my only highlight is the Amici lunch.
  • Celebrated Christian’s birthday @ Marco Polo! Woohoo! Fun times with the Inspire people, as always.
  • Liban’s wedding + videoke with block :)
  • TAMANG PANAHON finally happened. It’s definitely the most memorable moment on TV this year. Hay, Alden.
  • Helped out at the TC+U event. Had pre-dinner @ UP afterwards with isaw c/o Bucs. Then had dinner @ Silantro, UP Town :) Thank you, Lem, for my Uber.


  • Justin Bieber blew our minds.
  • Brekkie with Ate Jane @ Rustic Mornings! Woohoo!
  • Joined DL’s housewarming in Kuya PJ’s new condo. Met new people from RACC/SE as I was the only one who wasn’t their teammate. Haha.
  • Also had a catch-up thing @ Cyma with some friends from CompSAt (Liban, Aly, Rodz). Syempre, hinatid ako ni Rodz. Thanks, my friend.
  • VIP: Pastor Appreciation Week @ our church!
  • Back to the Future day–aka the day when all these posers started to pretend like they are big fans of the trilogy #hipster
  • Office trick or treat! The preps are always fun! We had to make balloon towers and fold all these paper toys.
  • Had a mini-breakthrough in my career as I was assigned a program coach. Interesting.
  • Started hanging out more with ITO people. Yehey!
  • Ran 10 rounds at the Marikina Sports Center oval. Wow.
  • Survivor remained to be AWESOME!!! Started rooting for Jeremy.

NOVEMBER – Follow-Through


  • SAW ALDEN RICHARDS IN THE FLESH. He’s soooo freaking handsome to the point that I ended up stunned, with nothing to say. All of my rehearsed lines and my desire to jump at him and hug him tightly were put to waste.
  • Work was SO INTENSE as we were near the deadline. Got very very very tired.
  • Finally over my office crush. I have successfully morphed into a rock with no feelings.
  • In fairness, attended a Silent Sanctuary gig again, this time @ Cowboy Grill with Gelo, DL and Joie. I will not go back to that place (unless there’s another SS gig), but I enjoyed the music as always.
  • DEPFEST @ our church! Fun Sunday afternoons!
  • Watched a UAAP game live with Karuh with Patron seats, thanks to Megan and Rach! (Sisters and Toti were in the Upper B area.) We lost to FEU and got dropped out of the finals, but Kiefer played a mighty fine season, or I must say a mighty fine collegiate career.
  • Church Anniversary featuring Ms. Miriam Quiambao! Also joined the special dance number, which was the most fun and meaningful dance I’ve ever been a part of. It defines what dance should be like for me–fun and fruitful.
  • Reunion with church friends whom I used to go out with almost everyday in 2012–Dora, Micah and Ate Ruth. Missing Ate Jez and Kuya Albert who are abroad.


  • HPE and HP Inc split! I am now part of a “new” company :)
  • Visited Mika’s place with blockmates, then sang at 121 until 5:30 am hahahaha!
  • Philip’s despedida :\
  • Tito Ray got sick :(
  • Chevy Burger with my Care Circle. Missed them so much :(
  • Nihonbashitei midnight trip with Danez, Shem and Calics ’cause I was craving for Kikkoman! Hahahaha! Thank you God for teammates who are game! Actually, this month was when my midnight snack cravings started. Thanks to Calics, who is my usual invitation victim. Oh, I think we also ate Korean (w/o Danez boooo) with the team one random midnight when Innah was also craving. Yehhhh!
  • Eastwood trip with Migoy :)
  • Revived Salt and Light Mag (albeit temporarily hahahaha) :p
  • Yuri got operated on; visited him with Joisaac in the hospital on his birthday :)
  • Watched A Second Chance with AJ and Calics (after all the drama in the office). Tip: Don’t watch @ Resorts World if you have other options. Their midnight screenings are crazy.
  • Met up with Cathy @ Jeff Bolivar’s sausage/pizza place in QC. Good food, I must say!
  • Survivor!!!!! Best season ever.

DECEMBER – Life-Life Balance :p


  • Nanay Oyco had an accident :( She stayed (and still is) in the hospital. Tough time for our clan.
  • My laptop got stolen! But it was God-ordained and prayed for. I did not feel bad about it because I literally prayed a “Lord, kunin mo na itong laptop from me if it’s causing me to sin” prayer a few hours before it was stolen.
  • Wine, cheese and jamon night @ Lem’s for his birthday with the crew :)
  • GDE Christmas Party @ IPC. It was 90’s themed so I dressed up as a Legends of the Hidden Temple contestant :p Had dinner @ Mazza with Calics and Lem afterwards.
  • Meet and Greet with Ken, our ITO teammate from SG, at Marciano’s which also served as our Christmas dinner. Missed my ITO friends as I don’t sit with them anymore due to my NALA shift.
  • C&G Christmas eat-out @ Tokyo Tokyo. So simple, yet I am always thankful to God for my office spiritual family :)
  • Star Wars with some teammates!! Ahhhh!! Such a great movie!!!
  • PPM Christmas Party @ Jollibee was so hilarious, then had mid-week videoke with some of them (AJ, Ross, Karuh, Dy, Hansen, Jus, Jan, Calics, Boss) afterwards. What a fun night. First time in a long time that I did not get bored during videoke and wanted to sing even more. Oh, we also had a themed lunch before shutdown where we ate a LOT, again.
  • Usi Christmas dinner @ Amici, and then had a grocery trip at Robinson’s Selections afterwards. Yey to that grocery finally being open @ the new mall in Mckinley.
  • Had a block day in QC! Lunch @ UP Town, then boardgames @ Ludo, then videoke @ Eastwood! After a few days, block visited at Rai’s condo as well :)
  • Heneral Luna DVD launch @ Eastwood!!!! Aaaaahhhhh!!! Finally met all of the people I admired (John Arcilla, Mon Confiado, Junjun Quintana, Archie Alemania, Epy Quizon and Alex Medina) in the flesh. Even had my few minutes of fame as I joined a reenactment game hahaha! Most kilig activity of my life for the year :)
  • Brought the kids (Eeia, Aouie, Zyrkx, Josh) to Kidzania with Toti. Fun times with the bagets!
  • Had our PC/Tech/Event Stylist Christmas dinner @ Dampa. Only a few of us were able to attend but I still enjoyed our sharing time :)
  • Shared during Day 2 of Sambang Gabi about sentimentality during Christmas. How apt.
  • CC Christmas breakfast @ Rustic Mornings. Very simple but really meaningful. I enjoyed our sharing time. Headed to Kapitolyo after to meet with Moochie, Kara and Rai for some catching up and good food @ Tipsy Pig!
  • Christmas celebration @ Tito Roy’s. Very simple. No frills. I didn’t even push for a theme because of the hiccup we are going through. Had a good time just watching movies, eating, and playing games with the cousins :) Also good: Gia and Coy are now able to drive for the cousinhood. Hahahaha! PS: First time to get sick during Christmas :\
  • Villa Escudero trip with MMND council :) Memorable because we lost our manners while we were getting food. Hahahaha! Desperate times call for desperate measures. Also, I spent almost the entire day without a phone. Wow.


  • Spent almost every free day with Toti @ home, especially since Mama wasn’t usually around as she often stayed in the hospital with Nanay.
  • CC with Renalyn as she surprisingly came back for the holidays!
  • Helped out during the Staff Christmas Party
  • Made extra @ the WLT Christmas Party somewhere in Calumpang
  • Rhythm’s suprise birthday treat @ Bondoy
  • Watched Honor Thy Father (which was oks lang) with the family and Toti. Watched #WalangForever with Muning, Dem, Agay and Toti, and we liked it! Jericho deserved that Best Actor award.
  • MY SURVIVOR BET WON THE WHOLE THINGS UNANIMOUSLY. Best season of Survivor, for sure.
  • Book: Cupidity

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