My Dresslink Wishlist

Ahh, Christmas and New Year season–my favorite time of the year!It’s just so timely that I discover an online shop with lots of affordable choices. After all, nothing beats shopping during the holidays :) And what better way to do it than ONLINE, especially if you’re not a fan of the crazy crowds inside malls full of people itching to spend their Christmas money. Hehehe :)

The online shop I’m talking about is DRESSLINK, which is based in Hong Kong but is able to ship worldwide–yes, to wherever you are! Their website is really fun and simple, and to be honest, I must have spent more than 5 hours browsing through their stuff! They have pictures for each item that they sell, and also clearly state what colors and sizes are available. They have stuff for kids and for women, and even have shoes, jewelry and accessories! How convenient to be able to shop in one place, right?

In my 5 hours of rummaging through their stuff for sale, I found a few items that I really liked. And since it’s my birthday in two days, why not make a wishlist? ;)

1. Crinkle scarf – $1.35

Perfect for the chilly yet not-too-cold weather, this scarf can be partnered with almost any outfit!


2. Loose V-Neck – $0.01 (WHAT A STEAL!)

I can’t wait to wear this on February for my trip to Boracay! It will provide enough cover-up, but will still look stylish and show off your swimsuit straps :) It’s also perfect for a night-out when partnered with accessories and a black skirt!


3. Sleeveless Chiffon Top – $1.72

Can’t wait to wear this with all of my colorful skirts. Perfect for the office (or for a date, maybe?) :)


4. Ruffled Chiffon Top – $4.26

I have long been looking for a nice and long semi-formal black top. This is exactly what I need!


5. Backless Tank – $2.19

Again, perfect for a beach trip!


6. Floral Chiffon Shirt – $5.29

This will go so well with a pastel skirt for the office, or for a day out with girlfriends!


7. Sleeveless Chiffon Top (in black!!) – $1.72

Yup, you read that right! I like this item so much that I’m wishing for it in two colors!!


I invite you to go and take a look at DRESSLINK and make your own wishlist! ;) It’s really affordable and I’m sure you’ll find something you like from their online shop :)

Looking for great deals? They even have stuff worth $0.01 and stuff with free shipping! What are you waiting for? Check them out now, and share with me your finds ;)


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