The Trip That Filled My Love Tank


I just got home 12+ hours ago from a trip to Boracay with the ‘crew’ (I don’t know how and why we called ourselves that), some of my closest friends in the office. I’ve mentioned them in previous posts–these are the friends I’ve managed to keep after my 2014 project. It’s still really kinda weird on paper/in writing to even think that we are hitting it off as friends. And, since I have a special treasure chest in my heart for people I’ve already traveled with, I can say that we got even closer due to our #boracrew escapade.

I’m not sure when exactly during the trip it was but I had an epiphany moment and realized that I generally feel loved and loving whenever I’m with the crew. I was trying to find a reason behind it and I was stumped until it dawned on me that we exhibit the 5 love languages.

Meki – Quality Time

I’m the self-proclaimed QT girl–the one who initiated the actual purchase and planning for the Boracay trip because of my desire to bond with the crew for an extended period and share a special memory with them. I like pushing for shared experiences a.k.a. I’m the KJ one who wakes people up at 9 in the morning when we only had 4 hours of sleep, just because I want us to do some activities together. I like not sleeping, if that means we get to talk or watch a TV show on Netflix together.

Twish – Gifts and Words of Affirmation

Twish is our resident #girlboss who is so gracious and generous–the thoughtful one who’d treat us out to dinner or offer to share her sunblock. (She was also the mind behind my Alden Richards standee woohoo.) Twish also is very positive and affirmative–always seeing the good side of things and even of people. While I’d be quick to comment to the boys that they’re evil, she’d be quick to follow it up with a compliment.

Lem – Physical Touch

Lem is the more touchy feely one among the four who would naturally give akbays, and hugs. He’d be the one to pull you closer to him when it’s cold or when you’re about to get hit by a car in the street. Lem is the type who’d lean on your shoulder or squeeze beside you in bed while watching a Youtube video. He also enjoys rough play–wrestling on the sand, grabbing and pulling in the waters, choking and other forms of it in our room, etcetera.

DL – Acts of Service

DL is the helpful one, willing to help out and serve whenever possible. He’d carry whatever you ask him to carry, and in our case, he was the constant baggage counter–as his waterproof bag would house all of our valuables all of the time. He’d get this and that when asked with no qualms at all, and he’d row your boat alone when you’re already tired. Hahaha!

I’ve always thought that I’d like it more if I’d be surrounded by people who spoke my love language. Apparently, it’s also awesome to have all aspects of love covered.

Oh, my love tank feels so full.


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