Pili, ‘Pinas!

The only time in the past that I had a firm opinion and stance on Philippine politics was when the Gordon-Bayani tandem ran for office in 2010. Whenever I hear bad news on TV, I feel a bout of regret that Gordon–the president we need and deserve–did not win back then. And, when people complain about life in the Philippines, it’s just so tempting to utter a “Kasalanan niyo ‘yan!” to the voting public but there is no use in crying over spilled milk and I’ve also been trying to practice being a “good citizen” and supporting my government.

Anyway, I bring this topic up because it’s been so interesting to watch the #PiliPinasDebates2016 — especially the recent one on TV5. Other than the circus-like debate format that was made available to us, what I appreciated even more was the recording of the pre-debate session while they were sorting the whole Binay issue. Lumabas talaga mga ugali eh.

Now, if you ask me who I’m voting for, I’m leaning towards MAR or DUTERTE for PRESIDENT.

  • Mar because he’s a good economist, and we need him for consistency in implementing what the current government has done. I found the last 6 years of our nation relatively better than the earlier times. People will argue about some of the poor not being able to experience this, but that’s the point. We need more than one presidential term to clean stuff up. Also, as I mentioned on Facebook, I DO NOT GET AT ALL the hatred towards him. I’d understand if it came from people who did not understand numbers and basic statistics–we are all in agreement that he has a perception issue partly due to his pagiging mukhang elitista. But, when I see WELL-EDUCATED people who say that Mar didn’t do anything. Uhmmmmm. Really, guys? If he is taking the bait because of the current administration, maybe we should involve Poe (a SENATOR) and Binay (the VICE PRESIDENT). Anyway, I don’t want to argue further ’cause I’m not really a Roxas fangirl. I just don’t like it when people instantly dismiss him because they just find him “nakakainis”. Uhm, okay.
  • Duterte is a different story altogether. I’ve told people before that I don’t want to vote for him, the same way that I didn’t want Heneral Luna to be president. His style seems to work more on the local government level, and I thought he’d be a good fit for the DILG or something. What really got me actually was his closing statement in today’s debate, where he mentioned that what he can offer is leadership. It got me thinking–what if Duterte can actually make a difference with his nonchalant no-frills governance? I’m not yet that sold because I don’t like how he treats women and how he supports Binay and Marcos, but I’ll think about it. Oh, and I just hope that people aren’t voting for him just because he’s funny.

For VICE PRESIDENT, I’m sold on CAYETANO. Like, 100% sold. In fact, I’d go so far to say that I wouldn’t mind him being my president someday. This video was the ultimate closer for me. While I was watching it, I was actually holding my breath because I was afraid that he’d say something that will get me turned off about him. Yet, he passed with flying colors. I agree with his stance on most things (and all things in the video). In fact, because of his explanations, I saw Duterte in a better light. I have low confidence that he’ll win because of his opponents, but I really really really hope he does.

I’m waiting for the next debate, which will hopefully help me finalize my votes. All I’m sure of is that I’m voting for Gordon in the Senate–and you should too!

‘Yun lang. I just thought I’d say my piece in one long blog post instead of having to post random snippets on Facebook and Twitter — though I’ve done that too. Hehe.



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