To quote one of my favorite TV shows…

I’m starting to wonder how much one heart can take.

It’s been a really rough past two weeks (work + feelings + side projects + ministry + internal struggles + grandma passing + etc), and my mind and my heart are just about to explode. Both are on overdrive and I’m scared that just one more push will cause me to snap and breakdown. I believe in God wholeheartedly, but it’s been tough to claim His promise of “giving me rest”.

I’m not sure if it’s my fault that I overthink and overfeel things. Actually, I think it’s my fault–and thinking about that makes me overthink and overfeel even more. It’s not easy to be neurotic. I wish there could just be an off switch and I could live like a normal human being who’s not as self-aware as I am.

Well, all I know is that things will get better.

Yup. Things will get better…right?


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