Chit-Chat 1

3:15 pm sa mall

g: so.
b: hmm?
g: kamusta naman healthy eating mo?
b: ayun. ang hirap. gulay 24/7.
g: *meh meh*
b: i won’t do it if i had a choice.
g: arte. *meh meh*
b: kailangan lang talaga dahil diabetic.
g: okay. *meh meh*
b: o sige na, ako na ang goat.
g: *meh*
b: kulit mo.
g: hihi.

passes by a candy shop

g: uy.
b: hm?
g: i know this is torture for you but…
b: but…
g: can we buy some candies?
b: sorry, i’m a goat :)
g: sige naaa. nagccrave lang talaga ako.
b: fine fine. one condition.
g: what?
b: no asking if too much sweets can make you gain weight.
g: :(
b: alam na natin sagot dun. *oink oink*
g: hay nako.
b: *oink oink*
g: …
b: i saw a video online. close naman daw ang goats and pigs. at least, ‘di ba?
g: …
b: *oink*
g: :(
b: hehehe.
g: it’s not funny :(
b: hihi! smile na. joke lang.
g: …
b: uy…
g: …
b: uy, sorry na. i was kidding.
g: sorry na ha. i can’t do your whole healthy living stuff.
b: heeey i was just kidding.
g: :(
b: bati na.
g: …
b: *meh meh*
g: …
b: *meh meh*
g: …
b: the goat says sorry…
g: fine.
b: uy, serious. sorry nga. medyo insensitive.
g: it’s okay.
b: shouldn’t have made the comment.
g: de, totoo naman. i always bug you about me gaining weight after i eat sweets.
b: but i still shouldn’t have oink-ed.
g: yup, ’cause you’re a goat.
b: yii. nagjjoke na siya.
g: cheh.
b: bati na?
g: fine.
b: hehehe. i’m sorry for the oink hirit. but…
g: …?
b: but…i still think you should avoid stuff that are sweet.
g: argh.
b: not ’cause of what you think.
g: yan na naman.
b: i like you the way you are.
g: huhu *oink*
b: ‘di ba may history din kayo of diabetes?
g: hmm yup. mom’s side.
b: and ‘di ba your doctor said na you’re borderline diabetic na rin?
g: yup :(
b: ayoko naman magaya ka sa’kin no. so, for your health’s sake…
g: *meh meh*
b: avoid muna stuff that are sweet ha.
g: fiiiine. *meh meh*
b: the goat wins. *meh meh*
g: minsan hindi ko alam why i still hang out with you. weird mo.
b: well…it’s probably because i’m like mentos.
g: kasi…
b: i’m irresistibly fresh.
g: oh~kay. taas ng confidence natin.
b: admit it. you can’t resist me.
g: not all the time.
b: *meh meh*
g: only when you make pa-cute.
b: hihi see.
g: whatever :p
b: hmmm. ikaw, you’re like a gummy bear.
g: hay nako. comparison to a bear is no better than comparison to a pig.
b: you didn’t even ask me why.
g: hmpf.
b: ask muna why.
g: fine. why?
b: you’re cute and addictive.
g: :)
b: see ;)
g: sweet mo rin, ‘no?
b: i try.
g: too bad.
b: baket?
g: i need to avoid stuff that are sweet eh :p
b: loko.

Gummy Bear


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