My Issue About Liking a Friend

I cannot anymore count with my fingers and toes the number of crushes that I have. I just know that I do have a whole lot. The funny thing though is that I do not have issues with my feelings towards a majority of them. It’s so easy to move on or just pine from afar when your crush is distant (i.e. hello Aaron and C-Low hahaha #IndieCrush). If a crush turns out to like you back and things eventually end up sour, it’s so easy to forget if you haven’t really gotten to know each other that much prior to your crushing (i.e. people I will not mention haha).

This gets A WHOLE LOT TRICKIER though if you end up liking a friend. If they do like you back but you do not end up together forever (’cause people always leave, sabi nga ni Ate Peyton Sawyer), it’s so tough and painful to detach yourself from the person, especially because you have a shared history prior to becoming an item. If they do not like you back but remain to be your friend, well, you’re in for a crazy rollercoaster ride of emotions. While someone you like who doesn’t like you but isn’t your friend would be easy to avoid, having a friend-crush means having so many opportunities to interact that you just end up liking the person even more than you intended to. While you don’t really expect to be liked back, being good friends with someone involves getting used to the common experiences that you have. And sometimes, you just end up wanting to have more of those moments.

So, yes. This is what I’ve learned today. I really should stop liking my friends.


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