Let Me Restart

I am a sucker for new beginnings. I attribute it to being born on New Year’s day, and my over-all being OC. Year-ends, month-ends, weekends, day-ends–all of these are a big deal to me as they indicate that we will soon have an opportunity for a “restart”.

I am heading again to SG in a few hours. The last time I was there (5 years ago, I think), I had a pretty memorable restart. The details are kadiri, to be honest, but when I went back to Manila, things were never the same in many aspects of my life. I expect nothing less this time around. I’ve always looked at Singapore as my ‘escape’ idea, given the purpose it served me before. And man, I could really use some form of getaway right now.

Despite a pretty hectic itinerary over our 5 days in Singapore, I am treating this as a personal retreat–a time to reconnect with myself, with others, and with God. Life’s been so intense and fast-paced recently, and I’m having a tough time to cope. I think I need to start doing something about it.

When I get home in April, I am expecting the following from myself:

  • I will connect more with God. I spend SO MUCH TIME on social media and to watch my many TV shows. I really want to spend more time in the Word–really chewing it and letting it transform me.
  • I will tackle on my major tasks. There are 3 major stuff in my list that I have yet to attend to: (1) I have a PMP exam that I need to prepare for. (2) I have to book a week for my wisdom tooth extraction + recovery time. (3) I have to consider taking the IELTS/TOEFL soon to make it in time for the Erasmus applications.
  • I will write more. I fixed my blog recently in the hopes of encouraging myself to write more. And I really want to write more. When I read old blog posts, I get surprised that I can do some ~quality writing. I can’t do such anymore. *insert run-on sentence here*
  • I will invest in my passion. I built Frolic Manila because I think events management or even general organization is really my calling. I need to take it seriously if I want to quit my job and focus on this passion in the future.
  • I will take care of my health. I have been ignoring my health recently and I feel bad about it. Bad health affects how I function, so I might as well get this sorted out, right? And besides, our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit :) I want to take care of it and be a good steward. I hope to go back to my regular exercise routing, and to avoid eating rice and other fattening stuff.
  • I will do a heart-check on my feelings. Need to take a step back and detach myself a little from my attachments. No time to be distracted yet.

I acknowledge that I cannot do this on my own. Good thing I got a great God.


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