Act of Random Kindness

My younger sister invited me to eat at Krung Thai today. It’s the best Thai place in Marikina, and probably in Metro Manila, and I was of course was not gonna say no. We had a great meal and felt so full after eating Tom Ka, Pad Thai and Thai Bagoong Rice.

We couldn’t find a jeepney in front of the restaurant so we had to walk all the way to the terminal to find some mode of transportation. While walking and talking about buying some cake at Red Ribbon, we passed by a homeless man. Just three or four steps after seeing this man, my sister and I surprisingly grabbed each other and exclaimed that we could not ignore the man and had to buy him some food. We turned around, rushed inside the Red Ribbon store, and bought empanada for the homeless man. Upon stepping out, the thing I feared came true. He was gone. We walked back to the corner to check if he was around but did not see him. We decided to go forward and look for him along the way as we knew that he couldn’t have gone far yet as he had crutches. True enough, we found him outside 7-11. Before handing him the food, we thought of what to say and decided to go with: “God bless you and God loves you.” And sure enough, that’s what we did.

This story is in no way to brag about how kind we are. Honestly, we pass by hundreds of homeless people and probably ignore a majority of them–always paralyzed by the fear that they are just some part of a syndicate. This instance was special though, as it came with an inner nudge/push to actually help. I just got reminded about the importance of not ignoring these little signs and signals. Obeying the Spirit to do these acts of random kindness can mean the world to someone else.


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