Career Goals (and the Lack of It)

I have the attention span of a goldfish. When I get excited for something, I get REALLY excited and like a baby rocket or a ball launched in a pinball machine, off I go to planning out details, meeting up with everyone I need to talk to, and calendaring my entire life. After a few months though, my interest tapers off and you’d find me browsing on Facebook or updating my blog instead of doing what I need to do (a.k.a. now).

I realize now that a line (from Motion City Soundtrack’s Stand Too Close) that I used to attribute to an ex-flame can also be applicable to me:

They say I’m great at first, but then the magic fades into an awful hue of dismal views and pessimistic attitude.

Ask my current work bosses (my local boss, my regional boss, and my global boss), and they’d attest to my being Ms. Tapering Off. It’s been a common occurrence for them to hear me say that I want to do something new ’cause I’m already bored/tired/stressed with my current engagement. I am very blessed to have understanding managers because they always seem to understand my predicament, and allow me to take on new stuff whenever I feel like I’m at a dead end.

I guess this is why it’s been so hard for me to figure out what I really want to do in life. I’m your textbook definition of a jack of all trades. With my tendency to jump from one thing to another, it’s been difficult to pinpoint an expertise or a main strength. My managers just know that I’ll get done what needs to get done, but they’re pretty lost on what my path should be like as well.

That said, I have recently been having some enlightenment regarding my intended career path. There are two specific vocations that I can see myself enjoying:

  1. Executive Assistant to a brilliant, snobbish, yet kind (to me) boss of a big company a la Donna Paulsen to a Harvey Specter
  2. Leadership, project management and organization consultant for churches and non-profits

What’s cool about the two is that I don’t seem to need to pick just one of them. #1 can be a stepping stone before doing #2, as it will allow me to have experience with stakeholder interaction, executive leadership, and managing personalities. Exciting stuff.

When I get done with my PMP exam (prayers, please), I want to build a roadmap to get myself in those opportunities. I’m thinking taking additional courses, networking, applying everywhere that I can, finding a mentor, etcetera. Exciting stuff!!!!!!

Now, let’s hope my excitement does not taper off after two months…

(via Daily Prompt: Taper)


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