The Best Chris, Obviously

Ever since they starred in their fantasy films, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Chris Pine have been pit against each other on who the best Chris is. While the four of them probably don’t care at all as they are raking in millions of dollars and are loved by many, this is something essential for fangirls like me.

I’ve used the “Who is your favorite Chris?” question for so many times as my conversation opener with girl (and guy) friends, and it is a sure hit! Try it on your friends, or on anyone around you really.

Tired of asking people in person about it (’cause I think I’ve already asked everyone I know), I put up a poll on Twitter instead to judge my followers on their taste and this was the outcome:

I put up the poll at the height of the awesomeness that is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which kind of explains why Pratt was the favored Chris. Just recently, I overheard some people in the office talk about Pine being the best Chris, and I knew that it was mainly because of his adorable role in Wonder Woman. (I must admit, he got bumped up my list too.) That said though, I think we have to take a step back and name the best Chris without all the post-movie hype. It is so obvious who the best Chris is among the four. It’s gotta be Chris Evans.

I love him when he’s Captain America. I love him when he’s The Human Torch. I love him when he’s a womanizer neighbor slash band guy. I love him when he’s a teenager. I love him when he’s a villain. I love him when he’s a director. I love him when he’s lovestruck. I love him when he’s a high school senior. I love him when he’s a guardian to a genius. I love him when he’s a “loser”. I have yet to know if I’ll love him when he’s a lawyer/drug addict (note to self: watch Puncture). I love him just as Chris.

Chris Evans looks like he’s so much fun to talk to and hang out with–the type who’d be spontaneous and up for breaking some rules. He describes himself as a “little kid trapped in a 35 year-old’s body” and I can definitely see that when he gives off his boyish grin. What made me fall in utmost like with him though was when I read this LOOOOOONG interview of him (which I cannot find right now arghhhh) and he just blurts out his frustrations about being in the Marvel franchise. I realized that there was more to this guy than his muscles and incredibly good looks. Oh, and he’s also so politically aware. I love my guys smart :)

I’d go off and do nerdy rankings but apparently, someone already did that. And guess what? Chris Evans was the declared winner. Go figure.


That said, I bet that they are all fantastic in their own ways. As I found on Twitter, they seem to perfectly fit certain roles:

  • Chris Evans – awesome boyfriend (and ex-boyfriend)
  • Chris Pratt – awesome husband
  • Chris Hemsworth – awesome dad
  • Chris Pine – awesome friend

(via Daily Prompt: Puncture)


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